View Full Version : 8800gtx problem with mp4

01-01-07, 05:57 AM
Hi all, I haver a proble if I play mp4 in windows media player 11, so when is video in full screen right up corner is broken as you can see here: http://img77.imageshack.us/img77/2825/spatnejroheo8.th.jpg (http://img77.imageshack.us/my.php?image=spatnejroheo8.jpg) this deformation is making when camera is moving, but it is not only in this film it is for all mp4 I play. When it is not in full screen it is ok like this : http://img77.imageshack.us/img77/7683/dobrejrohgd9.th.jpg (http://img77.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dobrejrohgd9.jpg)
Have anybody the same issue?? My card is MSI8800gtx, thx for help .-)
What is another software for mp4 ??

01-01-07, 06:02 AM
So I found that this make media player I udsed him only for mp4 another video I am playing in bsplayer. I tried now normal avi which is good in bsplayer play in media player and it has the same problem. So what do you think is it problem of media player or what?? Pl tell me what is another soft for playing mp4?

01-01-07, 06:29 AM
What drivers are you using?

I had a similar problem with the 97.02 BETA drivers...with the latest 97.44, the issue should be resolved...if not, you'll most probably have to wait for the 97.60 release...

The 8800 is simply too new and too different in architecture from the last generations of GPU's, so personally, I don't blame nvidia to be a bit(cough) behind in driver development...

I'm using the Core Media Player (www.corecoded.com) for playback btw, so it could theoretically be an issue with the WMP...since I don't use it, I can't tell for sure though.

I hope I was able to help you.

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