View Full Version : Geforce 7950GTX v93.81 and GTR2 freeze up at start

01-01-07, 07:24 AM
I've tried playing GTR2 with my Nvidia 7950GTX loaded with v 93.81 drivers.
The game crashed at start up and just would not play.
The only way I could work around this was to install the older v 93.71 drivers.
This cured the problem.
Anybody else run into this with v 93.81?

01-01-07, 05:24 PM
Are you by chance trying to run it on an HDTV?

01-02-07, 11:51 AM
Im using Viewsonic 20" LCD at 1600 x 1200.
v93.81 drivers just will not work for me with GTR2 but the older v93.71 work just fine.