View Full Version : whichis the best setting???

01-01-07, 09:20 AM
I have 3 different settings that are pretty stable; would like to know which one to keep?

250HT, 4HTT, x9, Divider at 4:5, stock voltage(1.35v)
285HT, 2.5HTT, x9, Divider at 4:5, stock voltage(1.35v)
315HT, 2.5HTT, x9, Divider at 1:2, 1.4V

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01-02-07, 02:10 AM
To be honest the best setting would be the one you get the best performance out of and the one that is the most stable.I would also try the different timeings of the memory ,Try the tightest timeing and use what ever divder you need ,but in the end it is how high you can get the cpu ,so if you can run at 315 on the memory and set the divder to 333 with your multipler at 9 and the hypertransport to 3x that should be a good settings.

01-02-07, 06:13 AM
there are lot of quirks with my motherboard...I cant use 3x HTT above 260 HT...s I have to resort to 2.5x...also the 3:4 and 3:5 dividers dont work for me so my choices are limited to 1:1, 4:5 and 1:2

right now have found the tighest I can run the ram is at 177.5Mhz, 1:2 and my cpu at 355 x 8