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01-02-07, 08:44 PM
Well, I have come back around to the time when I need to consider getting a new graphics card and I would like some advice on what I might consider getting.

I dont want the absolute latest and most expensive card, but I do want a card that is going to be able to run games well for the next few years at least. Ive currently been looking at the 7950 card but am unsure as whether that is best for me.

Current Specs: (http://www.superwarehouse.com/Sony_VAIO_RB40/VGCRB40/ps/617486)

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3 GHz (2 CPUs)
Memory: 2.5 GB RAM
DirectX: 9.0c
Video Card: NVIDIA FX 5500
(My board has PCI-E slot)

Obviously, the FX 5500 isnt cutting it for gaming any longer and I would like to know what some of you think might be a good move.

Finally, I am also concerned about my PCs power supply. I currently have:

Voltage Required: AC 110/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )
Power Consumption Operational: 305 Watt

Im not 100% on what this means and whether I will need a new supply for a more powerful card...Anyways, thanks in advance for all of your help!

01-02-07, 09:09 PM
Almost any videocard you buy today that is any good aka better than a 7900GT will bottleneck with that CPU.

Also, what is your budget?

01-03-07, 12:47 AM
Get yourself a nice 7950 512MB, im using one... its a wicked card, it plays all games i play @ 1200x1600 and all settings maxed with no problem!

The psu is abit weak!... most of todays 7900's reccomend atleast 400-450w psu!.... also try and get a good brand psu, yeah there alittle more expencive but trust me it will be better for you in the long run!

01-03-07, 09:15 AM
Get a 7900GTX or something in that range that has 512mb of ram.

01-03-07, 09:32 AM
any upgrade u do will need a concurrent power supply upgrade..also whats ur budget?

XFX Support
01-03-07, 01:38 PM
I agree, that any video card upgrade will need to result in a power supply upgrade. Tornadog had a good question, whats your budget for the video card and power supply?

XFX Support

01-03-07, 01:42 PM
I am of course looking for the best deal that will work for my system, but I am willing to spend around 400 dollars total for everything I might need. I figured the power supply wasnt going to cut it, but am glad to know now exactly what I need to be looking for.

I did see that someone up above posted my CPU might be lacking in power. Is this going to be a problem or can my system handle a card as powerful as a 7950 or do I need to aim a little lower? Any more information will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for everyones help so far!

01-03-07, 02:11 PM
A 389-429$ 8800GTS http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.asp?DEPA=0&type=&Description=8800gts&Submit=ENE&N=0&Ntk=all&Go.x=0&Go.y=0


53$ 5 1/4 bay Graphic card PSU

Is what I recommend you... it's a bit over your 400$ mark but I think it's the best path. So what if you don't max out the graphic card? It will allow you to run Anitaliasing virtualy at the same performance that you can run it without since the card won't be maxed anyway.

And when you upgrade your P4 to a Core 2 Duo or something then your graphic card won't be a ball and chain. Plus you get the advantage of the Unified shaders providing power where it's needed in future games. (PS or Vertex or even phisics as games come out and support them). it would last you a lot longer than any GF7/ATI card in the market so far)