View Full Version : WTF? No 3d Settings in the CP?

01-03-07, 02:10 AM
Just like the subject line says. I have no 3d settings in the 8800GTX driver settings Control Panel...just display and tv and video BUT NO 3d Settings.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whats the deal?

01-03-07, 03:21 AM
Normal view, dropdown Advanced view.

At the top by the navigation buttons.

01-03-07, 11:28 AM
i'm getting this on my 7600GT i just reinstalled xp and the drivers but no 3d settings show up ????

01-03-07, 11:54 AM
Install it again, and make sure you have DX9 installed, and SP2, happened to me as well and I fixed it by reinstalling. I installed my drivers when I first booted into windows after formating, which is probably what you guys did.

01-03-07, 01:05 PM
k will do.

01-03-07, 05:49 PM
make sure the latest directx is installed. i had the same issue every time i format and install my 8800gtx

01-04-07, 05:35 AM
thanks man it worked with a reinstall of the drivers.