View Full Version : Price drop on 2407 post 2707 release?

01-03-07, 02:54 PM
Any ideas how much (or even if) the Dell 2407 monitor will drop once the 2707 comes out?

Also, when do we think the 2707 is due?


01-03-07, 03:21 PM
I really doubt a significant drop, if any at all. There is a lot of room betweeen the price of the 2407 and the 3007, so I expect the 2707 so not affect the pricing of either very much. I'm thinking the 2707 will likely retail for around $1099 or $1199.

Just an educated guess though...

01-09-07, 12:26 AM
I'm not sure when the 2707 will come out, but it must be close cause I found this little slip up.