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01-04-07, 02:44 PM
It's been I'd say about 2 years since my last major overhaul. I'm still rocking the 2.4 ghz P4 with the Abit IC7g and 6800 and having to set rainbow6 vegas at basically the lowest grahpics settings to play it was the final straw.

I've got around $1000 right now and I'm planning on selling one, mabey 2 of my guitars to get more $$ together for parts depending on what I decide to put in the machine.

anyways, Here's what I'm keeping.

Lian Li case
Samsung dvd burner
Western Digital 75 gig raptor
WD 200 gig SATA drive
Creative E-Mu 1212m sound card

So basically, I know I'll need a PSU, CPU, Mobo, ram and probably new heat sink as I don't have the other cpu's hardware that came with my Zalman.

Tell me if this list is decent or if anything that's just as good but less expensive could be substituted (particularly the PSU or ram as I'm just sort of guessing what's good based on reviews and what not).

Corsair HX620W PSU
Patriot 2gb DDR2 1066 (PC28500)
E6600 Conroe
Zalman 9700 LED
Possibly an 8800GTX if prices drop enough in the next month or so but if not, a GTS. I'm sure 2 GTS's in the future would still be fast as anyone needs.

I'm wanting instant gratification when Crysis and Alan wake come out. Max settings, decent FPS, etc.

I guess the only REAL debates I'm tossing around at this point is whether or not that extra $100+ for a 680i board is REALLY that necessary and if the prices of the GTX's will fall enough in the coming months to merit waiting or just getting a GTS.

I'm not going to be going hardcore with this system. I've read the 650 board needs supplimental cooling and I think with a pair of 120mm fans in the front of my Lian Li PC-V1000 and another in the back, there shoudn't be TOO much to worry about although I do have a copper swiftech northbridge passive heatsink in my parts bin and some thermal cement if it needs it.

Judging from the layout of the ASUS 650 board though, it seems like the back of those long ass 8800's would prevent it from seating into the top PCIE slot. I've got some lower profile heatsinks though I could use if that issue has already been addressed.

But I guess my real main question is whether the near future holds any major tech advances that only the 680i boards would be able to utilize? I don't need 10 USB ports, I don't need 8 SATA ports, I'm not going to go crazy with the overclocking, I can't think of a reason I'd need 2 gigabit ports and from what I've read, 16X vs 8X pci-E, there's marginal differences in real world gaming.

The E-MU audio card I use has a 2nd daughter card that goes next to it but doesn't need a PCI slot like the mother card does. If I add a 2nd 8800 into the mobo, will there still be room for 2 single slot cards side by side? I guess that would be an issue for both chipsets though.

And the GTS vs GTX isn't that big of a deal though. I've got a generic PCI-E video card I could use temporarily until GTX prices come down some (if the GTX really is worth the wait). The only game I have any desire to play at this point until crysis comes out is Vegas.

thanks for any help or suggestions guys!

01-04-07, 03:47 PM
The 2 NICs on the 680i are nice because if one happens to lose connection, the other takes over. While running at 8x PCIe was never a problem with a 7th gen card, I'm not sure if 2 8800 GTXs wouldn't saturate it. For the price difference between the two chipsets though, I see where your coming from.

Why the 9700 if your not going to be OCing much? You could save 60 bucks and go with the OEM cooling. The memory is at a good speed if your not OCing though.

Anyway, best of luck on your new build. It looks like a winner.

01-04-07, 04:16 PM
I'm looking at a new build as well, and that Asus 650 board looks like a winner. The few reviews I've read of it are quite positive. They do mention that the southbridge could use some cooling (there's not even a passive HS on it), so as you say, you'll want to consider adding something, either passive or active (I've had good luck with the Vantec Iceberqs--they're quite low).

I'm probably going to go with one of Asus' P965 boards (P5B-E), as I have no interest (OK, budget really) for SLI, and they consume less power/run cooler...and there's just plain more info out about them right now. But that 650 is certainly intriguing. I see no reason to spend the extra $$$ on the 680 board, but I'm all about getting the most bang for the buck, not necessarily having the top of the line.

You might want to look at the Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX, it's quite effective and is cheaper than the Zalman. It also cools the mobo components better, as it's fan blows down toward the board.

I'm not familiar with that PSU or that memory, but the memory seems to be rated for pretty high clocks, so OC'ing should be pretty good, I'm guessing (take this w/a grain of salt, as I'm just getting into the Intel scene after years w/AMD...my knowledge here is limited).

The only other comment I might make is to consider getting a cheaper CPU and OC'ing it. These Core 2 Duos are certainly gaining the reputation of being great overclockers.

Good luck, and enjoy your new beast!

01-04-07, 06:02 PM
I would certainly go 650i over the 680i at this point,especially if you want to oc.and have SLI,or the chance to in the future.Look at the things I told the guy in the budget thread above yours currently.E4300,wait and see.9x multi,and it hits retail around the 20th of January.With the E4300,you wont need to splash out so big on the ram,as well,more cash for that 8800GTX your drooling over :D Try the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro,less cash,and 90% of the performance.As for the PSU,well you are a man after my own heart :) Great choice,as its very much worth the cash.

01-04-07, 10:27 PM
Thanks for the replies. I posted this over at the OC forums also to see what they thought and one guy had a pretty good post.

id go with a 6400 over a 6600 and use the money elsewhere or save it. from what ive read and seen they OC better thanthe 6600 and the $90 price difference does not come anywhere near the performance gain. doesnt help for gaming, ive seen 6600 owners say go 6400 - they would if they could do it again. of course if money is no biggie, then this point is moot.

also id go with a single card solution for video, $150-200 and then end of the year sell it and get a dx10 card since by then there will be variety and revisions to the initial dx10 cards and good prices - heck the equivalent of an 8800 could very well be 200 bucks by Q4.

the features in dx10 are worth it IMO, but not to rush into. after all the price premium is ridiculous for hardware that doesnt have an OS yet or games to utilize. let the kinks get ironed out, some games start flowin, prices a droppin and dont go dx9 sli.

I understand the 6400 vs 6600. I do want to overclock but not to the point where I'm rebooting every 10 seconds to get ram timing and other variables set just the way they need to be to have the system stable.

I'm just wanting to do a casual overclock if that makes any sense. Nothing over the top. Just a little extra somethign that won't overstress the motherboard (un cooled chipset) to locking up and won't require extreme cooling of the CPU.

How well do the stock intel coolers handle things when there's a slight overclock?

And regarding the cheap video card idea he suggested, I'm wanting to run oblivion now at 1280X1024 with everything maxed out with the high res texture pack and the enhanced draw distance ini tweaks, etc, which is why I'm assuming that only an 8800 at this point can pull it off.

Also worth noting is that I'm not going to be rushing off to buy vista the day it comes out either. I'm waiting until at least may (the wife said she'd buy it for me for my bday if I want it). Mabey SP1 will be out by then and mabey crysis. I want to see if there are any major differences from people running crysis in XP vs. vista

01-04-07, 10:54 PM
What monitor do you have and what resolution are you running?

01-05-07, 07:22 AM
It's a 17" samsung lcd 1280 max resolution.

May end up getting a 20" wide screen next year. It's waay down near the bottom of my list of stuff to buy.