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01-05-07, 08:41 AM
Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this weird problem. When playing CSS halfway, it would exit the game and lock up. And when it goes back to windows, my resolution turns really small ( everything looks big ) and my colour turns weird, purple,blue all kind of funny stuff.

And it says nv4_disp stopped responding.

I have tested the cards individually and both are running fine ( played games for hours and ran 3d mark 06 ). I uninstalled 97.44 and now I am using 97.92 and I am going to see if I have the same problem.

Was just wondering if anyone has the same issue?

Intel X6800
ECS nForce 680i
2GB Corsair Ram

01-05-07, 09:07 AM
try the newest driver first

01-05-07, 09:37 AM
I just got the same random lockup again playing css using 97.92

01-05-07, 09:55 AM
I have just disable SLi until a confirm fix for this is out. It runs 3D mark 06 etc fines. Just not on games like CSS. And I suspect some other games too that I havent tried on.
Anyone havin same prob?

01-05-07, 02:29 PM
not sure why it's doing that? usually when it displays that, it's a driver problem. but with regards to a color and resolution problem, when you exit a game not naturally (like actually quit it) it stays at the resolution the game was playing at. Same situation with the color. so the reason the color was screwed up, was because u didnt have it set very high within the game, same applies with the resolution. you weren't playing at ur native resolution. update the drivers and you should be good to go.

01-05-07, 02:53 PM
No, I am playing at my native resolution.

I was saying, the game exits itself due to an error. And when it exits to window, it changes the resolution itself and the colour turns weird.

This doesn't happen when I am only playing as a single card solution, but on SLI it happens.

I am using both 97.44 and 97.92, both driver versions worked fine with both 8800GTX acting alone. But when SLi is enabled, it gave me the nv4_dsip error.