View Full Version : Who can help: black screen when starting Fifa 2003

03-07-03, 04:34 AM

Last week I upgraded my pc (before Abit, AMD 2000XP, 512 Mb, GeF4 ti 4200) and I had Fifa 2003 installed on it.

Now I have a mobo Asus P4G8X Deluxe, PIV 2.4, 1024 Mb RAM and a MSI GeF4 ti 4800 SE.

Installed BF1942, no problem with playing.
Installed HalfLife - CounterStrike, no problem with playing.
Installed Fifa 2003, a black screen whit cursus but for the rest nothing.
The only thing I can do is reset the pc.

I first had installed windows xp-sp1, DirectX 8.1 with nvidia 41.09 drivers.

After upgrading to DirectX 9 with nvidia Detonator 43.00 Drivers I still have the same.
In both cases I didn't changed anything in the driver settings of the videodriver.

Found now how I get it to work.
Strange thing is that when I press on ENTER key the intro screens starts so I have not a clue how it comes that I get a black screen and when I press on ENTER it starts ...

Does anyone has a clue what I can do to get this problem solved ?

thank you !


03-09-03, 06:04 PM
cause FIFA 2003 is evil....
seriously this game is poorly coded...

for more help goto www.soccergaming.com