View Full Version : Oblivion - Dremora Companion mod problem.

Capt. Picard
01-05-07, 02:33 PM
OK, I know nobody is playing Oblivion anymore but some help would at least be appreciated.

I'm stuck with a mod I installed. It's the Dremora Companion mod. It basically is about you having to save a Daedric creature from undue persecusion from his own kind. It starts by you having strange dreams. You are then guided to speak to a dark elf widow who asks you to find some stuff that she needs to open a gate to the oblivion plains. The stuff are;

2 - shoots of bloodgrass (not a problem)
1 - Daedric heart (also not a problem)
1 - captured deadric soul (this is the problem. She gives you a daedric soul stone and a spell to capture the soul)

Firstly, where can I find a Daedric Lord if I have have already finished the main quest and closed all the oblivion gates?

Secondly, I did find a Dremora creature in the Castle mage's underground tunnel in Bravil but the spell the widow gave me has no effect. I can't seem to be trapping the creature's soul.

Now my dilemma. I don't have the final version of the mod, only the second last one , I think. So, it might just be a bug. I've only got dialup so to download 50MB is out of the question.

Or I could be doing something wrong. Does anyone know.

01-06-07, 08:17 PM
I just picked up Knights of the Nine so I have fired up Oblivion again. To answer your question can you purchase a summon Daedric spell? Seems I have seen one some place. If so maybe you could cast the spell and then trap the soul.
Where did you find this mod?