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01-05-07, 03:14 PM
Hello guys I have been wanting to upgrade my PC for the past month or so now. The PC I have now is good. Its about two years old. Its has a amd 64 3500+, 6800gt agp, 1 gig of kingston hyperx ram. I built this PC from scratch thanks to all the information you the guys who post here all the time and this site in general.

With that said I was not in the mood to once agian build a new pc. I just wanted to order one. I was going to buy from Alienware. Infact I priced one out. It came out to $3,464. Price is not a issue for me so I was fine with it. I do not use credit cards since I am bad with money as you can probably tell. If I have it I spend it. The problem was I mainly use my debit master card for my bank account. The bank only allows me to take out maximum $1,000 a day. So I had to send out a wire transfer this was on December 27, right before x-mas and new years and so on. I sent the money. The guy on the phone told me how to set everything up. He said it could take up to three days for them to pick it up the transfer. I have never done this before but I was like ok. To make this short 8 days go by. I call them to see if they ever picked it up. There customer support is really bad and they do not speak good english. They said they had nothing. I called my bank they said they were sending the funds back to my account since it was never revieved from Alienware. Now I have to wait 2 more days to get the money back in my account. I am suprised Alienware would let $3,464 go out the window. I have made up my mind not to go with them. If they cant even pick up my money how can I expect them to build a PC and send it to me with out any problems.

So if you guys could help me build a new PC I would greatly appreciate it. I can afford to spend 3,500 bucks if I need to. I game alot. I play alot of Dark Messiah, BF2142 and WoW. To give you a idea. I also do alot of video editing as a hobby. I am going to need to buy everything over again. Case, power supply you name it.


If anyone see's any potential hardware conflicts with this setup please let me know. So far this is what I am going to order.



Network Card:I have a netgear switch for all three pc's in the house. I like netgear so thats why i went with them on buying this card.

Video Card: I was going to go with sli but I have heard alot of mix feelings about it.

DvD Drive:

Power Supply:


Memory:I am thinking about getting 1 or 2 more gigs, what do you guys think?



Operating System:

With shipping it comes to little under $2,800, any advice is welcome!

Xion X2
01-05-07, 03:26 PM
Heh, this should be fun. Money no option? Well ok. Here you go:

Case: CoolerMaster Stacker/Lian Li PC75 or PCG75 = 230$
CPU: Quad-core Kentsfield w/ Tuniq Tower = 1,050$
GFX: Dual 8800GTX SLI = 1200$
Mobo: eVGA Nforce 680i= 240$
DDR2 RAM 2GB = 275$
HD: WD Raptor = 175$
PSU: Silverstone ST85ZF 850W Quad-rail = 275$
Samsung DVD-RW x 2 = 70$
Sound card: Auzentech Xplosion (surround) = 80$ / Creative XFi (stereo) = 130$

Total = $3,595 / $3,645

That setup would probably allow you to launch a rocket to the other side of the moon. It'll at least kick the crap out of that Alienware computer you were going to purchase.

01-05-07, 03:46 PM
Here's my dream rig..

Case: personal preference really, pick a big sexy one
CPU: Intel QX6700 quad core w/ Tuniq Tower
Mobo: Evga 680i
Ram: 4gb Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC2-8000 ram
Video card: 2x8800 GTX
PSU: Tagan 1100 watt
HDD: 3x150gb WD Raptor 10k in RAID0
Sound card: X-fi super duper platinum fatal1ty edition

total = ALOT

01-05-07, 03:52 PM
Thanks for the advice so far guys I will update you on what I am doing.