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01-05-07, 08:04 PM
New gaming convention to "replace" E3. It was announced today...Woot..I'm there :)
October 18-20th at the LA Convention Center...
LINK : http://www.eforallexpo.com/

01-05-07, 09:45 PM
I wonder how they have a pic of an envent that has never happened before.

01-05-07, 09:49 PM
Probably not hard. I'm sure the Convnention Center supplies them with art assets for free...

01-05-07, 10:08 PM
Wonder what the requirements for attending will be.

01-05-07, 10:44 PM
I dont know but I want to go :D

01-05-07, 10:54 PM
Wonder what the requirements for attending will be.


That is the press release. It talks about "openness" and "Accessability", so I assume the requirements are simply that you give them some insane amount of money :D Once I see the event more flushed out (floorplan, vendors, etc) I'll decide. I don't just wanna go watch a bunch of people in deathmatches, but if it's "similar" to E3, I'll pony up the cash...

01-05-07, 11:24 PM
Is Sweeney gonna be there? :D

01-06-07, 03:03 AM
Is Sweeney gonna be there? :D

I called him. He said he will, but only if you don't chew gum during the interview :P :D

01-06-07, 03:40 AM
Is Sweeney gonna be there? :D
Ooh a second date already? :naughty:

01-07-07, 11:08 PM
Eh...open to the public doesn't make it special anymore :( It was GIGANTIC when it was closed to the public, and now they expect to open it to the public?!?! Good luck on that one. The LA Convention Center isn't big enough to hold that many people. Hell the Vegas Convention Center is just big enough to hold CES!!

01-07-07, 11:39 PM
sounds good to me :)