View Full Version : Flashing green ATX light

01-06-07, 12:26 PM
Hi, I think the psu has blown in my computer. When I switch it on nothing happens (no fans, no beeps, nothing).

I realise the green ATX light on the motherboard is on for when power is going into the motherboard and off when its not. But its flashing at a steady pace. Anyone got an idea why this might be?

01-06-07, 12:45 PM
Motherboard maker/model ?

And, have you checked in the mb manual if there is anything related ?

Do you have another psu to try and connect it to your mb ?

01-06-07, 12:48 PM
Did you try unplugging the computer from the wall for a few minutes and trying to start it again? Sometimes a power spike will result in a problem like that.

01-06-07, 03:16 PM

The motherboard is an Asus A8N32-Sli Deluxe. In the manual it just says the light should be on or off.

I don't have a spare psu to try at the moment, but I suspect its blown anyway so I'll have to order a new one online.
Just that I've never seen the light flashing before.

The psu is a Seasonic 600w by the way... had it about 11 months!

I've tried unplugging it from the wall, have checked all the connections several times and disconnected everything except the main mobo power connector and cpu power connector.