View Full Version : disconnect secondary hard drive causes freeze

01-07-07, 08:38 PM
Alright, here's my situation. I have had two hard drives in my computer for the longest time and I'm getting ready to upgrade my computer with a much bigger hard drive. One is a 120 gig and the other's a 60 gig. I don't really need anything on the 60 gig, so I decided to format that one, backup the 120 to the 60, and when I get my new hard drive, I'll move the old backup to the 120 and the backup of my new system to the 120. But that's not the point. Before I formatted the drive, I decided to check to make sure that the 120 will work fine by itself. The 120 is the primary drive which it boots off of, but it is labeled the F drive, which it has been for the longest time without any problem. The 60 gig is the C drive. So what I did was I disconnected the power cable from the 60 gig drive and changed the jumper on the 120 gig from master (dual) to single setting. I started up the computer and it loaded into windows, I logged in, and then as it was loading the startup programs, it froze...the mouse didn't move, and the computer just completely stopped loading things. When I restart the computer it doesn't start up, it just gets stuck at the POST screen picture (it's an ASUS motherboard with this weird picture for their motherboard at the beginning of startup where you can press tab and see the POST screen). It will only get back into windows if I completely shut down and then turn it back on. But again, once I log in to windows, it freezes at about the same point.

When I go into safe mode (or safe mode with networking for that matter) it starts up perfectly. So I decided to check msconfig and start each of the programs that I have checked under startup, but none of them caused the system to freeze. I've tried using Registry Mechanic to repair any problems and it found like 850 problems (even though I run it all the time) probably because the second drive is no longer there. And it didn't rename my 120 GB drive to the C drive -- it's still the F drive. So I am completely out of ideas. If I plug the secondary hard drive back in and change the jumper settings back to the way they were, it boots up fine. Does anybody have any ideas why it won't start up with the 120 gb hard drive by itself?

01-07-07, 11:47 PM
Alright, well I noticed that a bunch of people have read this post and didn't respond, but I finally figured out the answer myself, so I'll post this in case anyone is curious or has the same problem. The solution for me was to COMPLETELY disconnect the secondary hard drive. I had disconnected the power from it, thinking that would be enough, but it turns out I also had to disconnect the data cable from it (in addition to adjusting the jumper on the primary hard drive). The first time I logged into windows afterwards I got further than the first time, but then the computer just randomly restarted. On the next restart, however, it logged in fine and there were no problems I noticed.

Hope this helps, and thanks for any time anybody spent in thinking about my problem!