View Full Version : Asus shows the future of external GPU for laptops

01-08-07, 08:01 AM
Asus show off the prototype XGstation at CES 2007, it an external case with power supply for PCI Express x16 graphics cards and connect it to any laptops that has ExpressCard slot. It used a ASUS Geforce 7900GS PCI Express card for the prototype. XGstation expect to launch in Q2 2007.



This is absolutely fantastic thing ASUS invented in for laptop users who want to upgrade from crap Intel integrated IGP. When it come out, it could have 2 versions of XGstation that has single or dual slot ideally to house either DirectX 10 GPUs Geforce 8800GTS/GTX or R600 to play latest games with games graphics option to the max. (nana2)

I may get cheap brand new HP or Dell laptop for around 399 and possible put in maybe a single slot Geforce 8600 card in XGstation that will saved me fortunes rather than get a 2500 laptop that has the most powerful GPU. :D

01-08-07, 08:14 AM
i've been waiting for a LONG time for something like this. Kudo's to Asus for pulling through.

01-08-07, 08:16 AM
yeah, i saw the news yesterday, very good idea

oh hell, there was that idea, only works with expresscard slot, won't work with normal PCMCIA(cardbus).