View Full Version : Very strange prpblem with EVGA 8800GTX...will not go to default clocks!

01-09-07, 02:23 AM
Well, I was getting freezing and random BSOD memory dumps that would always point to NV4_DISP.DLL

so...i tried everything to rid of the BSOD...nothing seemed to work

So I installed ATI Tool and Rivatuner to see if there were any settings in there worth looking at...

AND WELL WHAT IN THE HELL! Come to find out when I load ATI Tool, it tells me that my "3d low power" and "3D" are at 575/900, which is what I want them to be, thats the stock default speed. Here comes the kicker, the "2D" core/memory are set to 645/1000!!! how is it getting that overclock?

I previously had my OC at 645/2000 (1000x2) and it was super stable...updated to P23 680i BIOS and a whole **** storm of problems...I guess I now have to push my 645/200 to 630/2000....still this begs the question, how is my card still set in 645/1000 in "2D" Mode??

no wonder my computer would freeze and give me the BSOD when viewing a simple video or youtube or what have you!!!

how do I fix this!

WTF IS THIS! I've never seen this before. Its as if my previous overclock is some how stuck! I've even actually physical pulled the card out to blow any dust off of it and uninstalled drivers and everything yet my previous overclock doesn't go away!


and NTUNE is NOT on my system.


01-09-07, 11:25 PM
Just a thought.
Are you running any NVdia background procs?
I have NvCpl, NvMcTray, nTuneCmd, nwiz all disabled in startup.
Perhaps one is interfering?
I just use rivatuner to OC. I run ATiTool as well but just for the 3D view for stress testing.

01-10-07, 01:03 AM
I was running all 3 of those, I will try now and see what happens.