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01-09-07, 11:15 AM
I have always earlier been able to play NFS3 on my Ti-4200 card in full resolution and color-depth, but when I started it today (after upgrading my drivers from 45.23 to 84.21 I got max res of 800x600x16 when choosing DirectX card in the setup :-( And that looks terrible. Found a tip (from 2001) on the net about renaming the 3da.dll to voodoo2a.dll (or even using the dx7z.dll from NFS5) and adding -voodoo2 as start parameter. That gave me full range of resolutions, but still only 16 bpp. How do I get it up to 32 bpp as earlier...

And for NFS5 its even worse, it starts, and goes to the first loading screen, and then nothing happends!!! The harddisk blinks and reads forever, but no progressbar or anything. And when I stop it after a long time windows complain about no free space on my HD (which has several GB free on both partitions).

I haven't tried downgrading to 45.23 yet, as that seems odd. Wanted to ask someone else first if they have had any of these problem, and fixed them...

01-09-07, 11:27 AM
Uninstall the drivers, run Driver Cleaner Pro (as per instructions) and then reinstall the drivers.

01-09-07, 11:31 AM
Some of the older drivers would default to 16-bit when installing them so you'd have to manually change it to 32-bit. Try that (i.e. go to the nvidia control panel and make sure it's set to 32-bit color).

01-09-07, 12:51 PM
why did you upgrade to 84.21? from super ancient driver, you went to old driver. try at least 93 series driver.

NFS5, is that Porsche 2000? google online for porsche 2000 enchancement patch, it a custom made patch to help the game run under xp enviroment.

EA simply made a horrible job at coding.

01-10-07, 03:33 PM
I have done some rather extensive experimentation and testing with Porsche Unleashed. I've concluded that there has to be some kind of incompatibility among DirectX 9, Windows XP, and video cards. I've found no way to enable 32-bit color on an NVIDIA card, and I've tried many drivers, "enhancement" patches, and whatnot. I tested on a 3dfx card and the game didn't work at all in XP or 98SE. Unless something miraculous happens from the community, you're either going to have to deal with older drivers or 16-bit color.