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01-10-07, 12:48 PM
I'm getting highly annoyed with having to undock my laptop or plug in my fiance's laptop in order to use our printer. I think a wireless print server is the way to go. Does anyone have experience with these? Any specific ones I should look at or avoid altogether? I'd rather not spend a fortune on one, even though they tend to be a bit pricey.

01-10-07, 01:22 PM
wireless print servers tend to be slow, especially if you want to print pictures, for text shouldn't be taht bad.

also look up specs how much memory it has. text doesn't take allot, but when i print photos it usually ends up in couple hundred MB, sometimes over a gig for spooling

01-10-07, 01:43 PM
wireless print servers tend to be slow, especially if you want to print pictures, for text shouldn't be taht bad.

We wouldn't be printing any photos, only Word documents and Web stuff. I should have made that clear in my original post. :o

01-10-07, 02:39 PM
well then you will be fine, go for it

still will be slower then wired, but with text you will rarely notice

not sure what kind of router you have, but i would always recommend if you want wireless print server always get one that will run on the standard of your network.

if you have G based router, don't buy B based print server, or your entire network will drop to B

same with security, i use WPA2, i don't plan on droping to WEP for wireless print server. WPA2 in print servers is still rather rare, and if it is supported, those print servers cost close to 100 bucks.

01-10-07, 03:25 PM
FIRST: search around for compatibility issues

here at work we got a wireless print server for a printer and it didnt work, then we found out it wasnt really supported. i didnt buy it, cause i definitely would have researched first, but just thought i should let you know that theyre not all totally compatible with all printers.

01-10-07, 03:39 PM
I use bluetooth dongles to print wirelessly from my PCs to my Canon printer. It also allows me to print photos we have on me and the wife's cellphones. Granted your printer has to support it. It's a very cheap and effective way of having a wireless printer. Range is limited by the way.

01-12-07, 08:06 AM
I checked into a few wireless and wired print servers, and it doesn't look like my printer (HP Deskjet 940c) supports any of them. I can't say I'm terribly surprised, as this model is at least 6 years old. I hate to sell it because it's a really good printer. I may give it to my parents and just buy a Deskjet 6980, which has built-in 802.11g and doesn't cost much more than a print server.