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01-10-07, 06:21 PM
is lvds completely digital or is it partially analog? at lgphilips-lcd.com. they have (2) .92 color gamut panels, and one was tmds 30in,the other was lvds and a little bit smaller. are they both completely digital? are there any differences? do they both fully use the tmds chip on the gpu pcb or does lvds use dacs at all? finally i was wondering if lvds is uncompressed like tmds is? anyways, i wanted to get the next NEC gx2 (or maybe it will be a gx3) which would be perfect (except for 1 uncertainty) when it comes out as i would imagine it has my needs:
1.the optical glass (world of difference),
2. a .92 color gamut (.72 isn't even 3/4 of the gamut),
3. an ips panel (superior viewing angles, and no input lag compared to pva/mva)

now here's the part about my question:
4. uncompressed and digital signal; this is why i am asking about tmds vs lvds, b/c the upcoming gx2(or gx3) would have to be lvds b/c the upcoming gx2 (or gx3) will be smaller than 30 in, so it uses the lvds panel w/ .92 gamut instead of a tmds panel w/ .92 gamut.

so that is why i am asking about any difference(s) between lvds and tmds. i'm thankful for any and all help.

01-10-07, 06:22 PM
Please don't use the colored fonts like that. People can't read what you type that way.

01-10-07, 06:25 PM
Seriously, I actually stopped reading the first sentence and skipped directly to saturnotaku's post.

01-11-07, 09:41 PM
seriously, i need help. i apologize for using lime text, i didn't know it would bother people. i really really care about having a pure digital pure uncompressed signal so it would really make my life quite a bit easier, if someone helped me out on this. i'll be grateful for any help. just try and help me how lvds is different from tmds, and what i would lose with lvds or what i would gain from lvds, if anything.