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01-11-07, 06:56 AM
I just received the last pieces of a computer I've been wanting for a month yesterday. Put everything together, and powered it up. Whooo!! Installed Windows XP, then the intel chipset drivers, other motherboard drivers, and then the newest nvidia 8800 drivers.

I ran 3dmark 05 and was a little dissapointed. My score was only 11031 for 3dMark 05 (ran at 1680x1050, with max everything).... Can someone help me troubleshoot the problem?

specs are:

Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX (clock speeds)
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 2.7ghz
OCZ 1024x2 DDR2-800 6400 Gold edition XTC (running at clock ddr800)
Asus P5W DH deluxe (with newest bios)

I dont think anything else on that list matters. but if the power supply does it's a Ultra V Series 500W Power Supply. I know it only supports 28a on the 12v ramp but I don't have any other components other than the dvd burner and the HD so it should be fine even though it's 2 amps under requirement.

edit: just ran 3dmark 06

I'll give it another run.

I just ran 3dmark 06 with the settings:

8 sample AA
and filtering optimal

6240 total score

sm2: 2817
hdr/sm3: 2261
cpu: 2278

with default settings is 10459
sm2: 4826
hdr/sm3: 4907
cpu: 2332
( more in line with other peoples)

I was just worried because i saw people posting 3dmark 2005 scores of about 16k+ and thought they maxed everything out

01-11-07, 07:41 AM
No, typically the 3DMark scores posted are with the default settings. Looks like your score of 10459 on default is right where it should be.

01-11-07, 08:40 AM
3dmark generally are run with defualt settings,

and get a new PSU pronto, ultra are horrible, get a new one now, before your components magically start dropping dead.

Xion X2
01-11-07, 09:47 AM
Your scores are low, but turn off your AA and filtering options in your nvidia control panel because they're just extra resources being run w/ 3dmark that doesn't get utilized.

And yeah, get rid of that piece of junk PSU.

01-11-07, 12:43 PM
You default 06 score is proper for your CPU @ that speed. Getting it to 3.0GHz would give that card much better support and be relatively easy. Mine will do 3.2 without any additional voltage increases. If you are using the stock HSF stay @ 3.0GHz.

In Oblivion in CPU bound situations like depth of field scenarios in cities I gain +12FPS moving from stock E6600 speed to 3.0GHz. That's with the 8800GTX @ stock. Stock E6600 speed would range something like 28-31 in Bravil in said scenario and 40-42 @ 3.0GHz at the same spot. I use a custom config file and CaptNKill's distant LOD pak which makes things more demanding.

01-11-07, 12:54 PM
please post a compare link

Xion X2
01-11-07, 02:40 PM
I ran 3dmark 05 and was a little dissapointed. My score was only 11031 for 3dMark 05 (ran at 1680x1050, with max everything

Do you have the advanced or trial version of 3dMark? If it's the trial version, then it should only run at 1024x768 resolution, which in this case 11,031 for a C2D and 8800GTX would be a really low score. I scored 17,200 with an E6600 clocked at 3.0gHz and 8800GTX at stock.

01-11-07, 03:17 PM
if he raned it at 1680x1050, then he must have the advanced copy

Xion X2
01-11-07, 06:42 PM
if he raned it at 1680x1050, then he must have the advanced copy

Well, I've seen some guys that went by their desktop res settings and didn't realize the trial version of 3dmark defaulted to 1024x768. That's why I was asking.