View Full Version : Condemned and 8800gtx sli

01-11-07, 10:12 AM
H, has anyone played Condemned: Criminal Origins with the 8800gtx sli? The game was buggy and used to have alot of issues with 7900gtx sli and wanted to know if it's playable now with 8800gtx . It actually messed up my 7900gtx sli pretty badly last time and created all sorts of problems for me, which is why I am scared of trying again, but I do want to play the game hence the question. So can anyone help me? Thank you.

I know the game has a sli profile but that doesn't mean that it's stable or you are gonna get performance incr5ease, it needs to be tested.

What about in single gpu mode? WIll one 8800gtx have enough pwoer to play the game at max settings at 2560x1600 with AA and AF? That wasn't possible in the past even with X1900 crossfire.

01-11-07, 10:32 AM
i played the game on 7800GT SLI, then on 7950GX2, and now on 8800GTX, zero problems

on 7800GT SLi i played at 1680x1050 2xAA and 8xAF,
on 7950GX2 same res, but with 4xAA and 16xAF
now on 8800GTX i play at same res, 16xAA, 16xAF with supersampling AA, and gammaAA

01-11-07, 10:34 AM
Well I've never played the game before but my 8800GTX has been able to play everything I throw at it. I don't see how it wouldn't be able to play it. How did the game mess up your previous sli setup?

01-11-07, 05:25 PM
Didnt try it but just like FEAR it should run great even on a single 8800GTX.