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01-12-07, 10:31 PM
What do you guys think Crysis will do on a 7950GT? Since the game was developed mostly on the G70 architecture I would think it should play plenty well. My max res is 1280x1024 and I have a Core 2 E6400. Granted, I know that the G80 will give significant improvement with DX10, but the game should be very playable with graphics atleast almost all the way up, you think? Maybe it's just wishful thinking, I don't know. The Alan Wake demo was running on a 7900 GTX and ran very well. I know Crysis blows Alan Wake out of the water graphically, but I just can't see the G71's out of the race yet. I guess we'll see around summer time, eh?

01-12-07, 10:32 PM
Doubt it will run maxed out, but it should play fine at about medium or high...

Granted, nobody has the game so everything is just speculation though :)

01-12-07, 10:35 PM
I'm guessing our 79xx cards will only start to really struggle if the res goes above 1280x1024 at max settings in DX9, so it should be fine. Since I bought a Dell 2407, I run at 1920x1200, and my 7900gt 512mb struggles in some games out already at that res.

At least there is a lot of time to upgrade before it ships.

Xion X2
01-12-07, 10:36 PM
Granted, I know that the G80 will give significant improvement with DX10, but the game should be very playable with graphics atleast almost all the way up, you think?

No, but you might be fine w/ medium settings. In the Alan Wake demo, they weren't running any AA/AF and it was running on a Kentsfield.

01-12-07, 10:44 PM
Dont worry man.Your rig is fine.this from crysis online.
they talk Michael Khaimzon the art diector of crysis.

Question: What kind of computers are being used at Crytek?
Michael: Man, everyone has a different machine here. I don’t even know the specs of my machine. I honestly have no idea. Well I've got an NVIDIA 7800GTX, I know that much.

Question: haha, same card as me.
Michael: So, you will enjoy Crysis :-)

Question: You really think so?
Michael: Well it runs here, and there is no amazing secret hardware or software I have :-)

Question: So you think my pc will run Crysis fine. Maxed out at 1024x768?
Michael: I think so

Question: So Crysis runs fine for you? At the highest details?
Michael: Sure, but it’s not even optimized yet :-)

01-12-07, 10:47 PM
Mind you that everyone has their own definition of whats considered to be running "fine". He might think 30FPS is perfect for him... most people cry foul and hex on a developer if it brings their rigs down below 60fps.

01-12-07, 10:51 PM
I think a 7950GT will play it on either 1280x1024,high but not max settings or 1024x768 max settings.

01-12-07, 10:52 PM
7950gt will be able to max it or close as long as its coupled with even cpu power

01-12-07, 10:57 PM
Thanks for the responses guys. I'm really looking forward to this game and was hoping my semi-new purchase wasn't already totally obsolete. I don't mind turning a couple of things down, but man does that game look amazing. I guess I could always get it for my 360 if I'm disappointed with my PC.

01-12-07, 10:58 PM
Crysis is a PC only game :)

01-12-07, 11:02 PM
Well...nevermind...I guess it's still just a rumor that it will be on the X360. It's all good though. The game is gonna be a total hit!! I think I'm looking forward to Alan Wake a little more though...seems to have a great plot. This year will definitely be great for PC games.

Xion X2
01-12-07, 11:05 PM
Speaking at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Bernd Diemer, senior game designer of Crytek, explained that next-generation consoles don’t offer enough computational power to run Crysis, German publication Heise reported.

Although Crysis will support both current and the next version of DirectX, Crytek claims that only DirectX 10 allows the game to run as it was intended by the developers because the next-generation DirectX API, which will ship along with Windows Vista, allows more effects and more objects to be drawn on the screen with a smaller computational cost for the hardware.

Diemer explained that “next generation consoles like the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 do not offer the sufficient power” to assure the quality of gameplay Crytek demand for Crysis.

Crytek reiterated at GC 06 that currently, Crysis in only in development for Windows. We haven’t lost hope that we’ll eventually see an Xbox 360 version of this first-person shooter.


Interesting! Can't wait for that Direct X 10. :D

01-12-07, 11:09 PM
hmm hope im ok at medium settings. maybe ill get an 8800 by then

01-12-07, 11:15 PM
I guess I'm a little confused with some things. I was under the impression that the only thing DirectX 10 Did was basically help the CPU more by doing other things like physics calculations rather than just drawing. The visuals will still pretty much be the same just the performance would be better. I just don't see why they can't just program one of the 3 X360 processors to do this work instead. It still only leaves the 1% of people that have DX10 hardware and software to experience the game "as they intended". This leaves a lot of people out. It doesn't make much sense to me. Kinda the same concept as Alan Wake making a multi-core CPU almost a requirement.

01-12-07, 11:21 PM
The visual will not be just the same. They will be better.
Don't forget DX10 is shader model 4.

If everything looked the same or close to the same, why bother?

Compare the other versions. DX7 doesn't look like DX8 which doesn't look like DX9 which won't look like DX10

01-12-07, 11:32 PM

Here's an interesting article talking about the Direct X deal. It should be pretty close to the same for DX9 systems as DX10. That's why I wonder why they can't do it on the 360. There are so many gorgeous games like GRAW and GOW. I'm sure they could give the 360 community a great gaming experience. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing a great PC Exclusive though. It's been a while since we had one of those. Even C&C 3 is gonna be on the 360. Don't know how that's gonna work.

01-12-07, 11:55 PM

01-13-07, 09:46 AM
when is crysis supposed to be released?

01-13-07, 09:51 AM
I think you're going to have a long wait for this game. The last release date I saw was July, but we all know how release dates get pushed back. I wouldn't expect the game before then though

01-13-07, 10:21 AM
when is crysis supposed to be released?
According to EA not before April and in the newest CES video interviews Crytek CEO said they are targetting Q2 i.e. April-June. But... you never know how things go.

01-13-07, 10:39 PM
After 3 years, now Far Cry runs well on my system @ 1280x1024.

Crysis will run fine on 300 GB/s gfx cards.

01-14-07, 04:59 AM
After 3 years, now Far Cry runs well on my system @ 1280x1024.

Crysis will run fine on 300 GB/s gfx cards.

LOL thats exactly how I felt when I got my X1900XT. And its the same way with CoD2 and FEAR now with my 8800. Hopefully DX10 games will actually run better as advertised, I kinda doubt it tho.