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01-13-07, 03:22 PM
First sorry if i'm posting in the wrong forum. mods feel free to move the thread to the correct forum if needed so i get more responses for this question.

so we're having a debate about the fact of how the true black color is produced into screens : one is insisting that the screen just "turns off" itself or the needed pixels in order to show the darkest black color , in other words the screen cannot show a black pixel that is darker than the screen itself when its switched off.

other though say its produced just like other colors meaning that you will still be able to see black darker than the screen pixels when its switched off.

whats is the technical answer for that ?

& you may add how HDR or LDR will come into this or if it has any relation to the subject because AFAIK HDR's perpose is to show colors (black or white) that are either brighter or darker than what the screen can produce.

the debate was a part of a larger debate we're having which is : LCD screens can't produce true dark/bright or black/white colors as CRT's or Plasma's do.
if you can add your views of this aswell that will be great.

thanks in advance :)