View Full Version : Vista & Force 97.46 drivers & GPU Fan Speed

01-16-07, 12:12 AM

I recently installed these drivers.

After installing these drives, the GPU fan on my Nvidia 7900GS is running at a higher speed.

I have left the PC running for hours and it doesn't slow down.

If I rollback to the Vista supplied drivers, the fan speed fluctuates as normal (only speeds up when required).

Has anyone else experienced this and/or knows how to fix this with the 97.46 drivers.


01-16-07, 02:31 AM
Yes, I have the same issue with my 7900GT and Vista. It is very annoying for sure.
The GPU fan is at 100% speed all the time. I found however out that if I suspend my computer into sleep mode once, it will slow down and remain at slower speed untill I start a 3D application. After that it runs at 100% again untill I put the computer into sleep mode again.

01-17-07, 02:13 AM
Thanks for confirming this Goran...

Anybody else ?

Any suggestions on how to fix this ...

01-17-07, 03:17 AM
install ntune on vista, run ntune as administrator (important!), go to "adjust gpu settings", set "direct fan control", click apply, set fan speed to 50%, click apply.

Remember to return fan speed to 80% when you launch a game or intensive 3D application. :)

I've been using this method since november to keep my gpu fan silent when using aero on the desktop. :)