View Full Version : Viewsonic VP-201s display problems (green flickering)

01-18-07, 09:00 AM
Hi guys, I just started getting problems (last night) with my VP-201s. Everything has taken on a green (aqua) hue. The pixels flicker as well. It seemed like it was a bad connection to my video card, but I reseated the dvi cable to the video card and monitor - no luck. I still get this problem.

Any advice?

My build is in my sig, only thing new is that I installed an X-Fi xtrememusic soundcard last friday. But the computer ran all weekend with no problems. GPU temp is ~50 degrees celcius, cpu temp is 36 degrees celcius and ambient temp ~42 degrees celcius in an Antec Sonata. I've had this build for two years now with no problems.

I guess I'll have to bring the monitor to a friends to see if it is the monitor...or if it is my video card.