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03-09-03, 03:20 PM
Hello guys..

I am very new here and maybe my question is silly but i will post it and if it is, delete it:P

I Have a Geforce 4 Ti4200 64Mb with 41.09 drivers.
Did these drivers are ****ed up?
It seems to me that i dont have a geforce 4 and i have many games that it says to me i dont event have a 3d Card(like Freelancer or Raven Shield!!).

What is the driver u are suggesting to install?

Please not to be beta drivers so i can enjoy them:P

Thats all, thanks a lot..

03-09-03, 07:39 PM
If you are haveing problems and just upgraded to a G.F.4,try the 43.00 set then if it dose'nt work then I would start off with a clean install and use the 43.00 drivers,but it really don't manter witch driver it is as long as it's supports the G.F.4 and if after you do a clean install and you install a G.F.4 driver and it still don't work,then I would think you may have a problem with the 4200.

03-11-03, 12:14 PM
Everything is ok now...I tried the Clean Install and the 43.00 Drivers and everything ROCKS:P

Thanks a lot my friend for your advice