View Full Version : 7600GS & HL2: Framerate and stuttering

01-20-07, 07:54 AM
My new 7600GS is now installed (test and compare posted later).

And for most games it awsome. 1280x1024 FullAA and everything and still max FPS (99 in HL1, can't display any more :-)

But in HL2 there are some strange happenings so I'll need advice.

As example take "Route Canal". At the start I get a framerate of 80-120 fps, and when I go up the stairs and into the platform abov the railway it drops to about 40 fps. So I thought I'd lower some setting:

But no matter what I do these to framerates are the same. I have tried all setting (both in HL2 and from the Nvidia control panel), and the frame rates are the same for 1280x1024 full video/audio quiality and for 640x480 with lowest audio and video settings (ALL settings lowest)

So what could cause this then? Is this a typical CPU/RAM/bandwith bottleneck, or are there some settings somewhere that I have missed?

Also... Stuttering... No while playing complicated scenes (the card keep up), but each time a new element appears (new person, new buildings etc) the harddisk light blinks for a 1/10 sec and the movement in the game freezes for the same amount of time.

Never noticed this as much with the Ti-4200. Seems like both sound and video freezes when the Promise S-ATA controller access my harddisk.

Is there any settings for avoiding this? Anything in Windows, BIOS etc that can prevent the controller from stopping everything else?

01-20-07, 09:53 AM
imo it's your cpu. the Source engine is all about the cpu unfortunately.

01-20-07, 11:21 AM
I agree with Burnt_Ram. Sounds like your are cpu limited. Some engines are designed to make more use of the cpu than others. And usually when you can start throwing AA and AF at the game and your fps doesn't change it means your cpu is lagging behind.

I assume all your drivers are updated?

01-20-07, 01:07 PM
you don't appear to have a lot of ram, get another 512mb stick.

01-20-07, 04:07 PM
I was thinking about either CPU or RAM too, but if the CPU is maxed out why is the CPU temp and RPM lower than with the 4200 card. That would suggest that the CPU is not working at 100% (then the max temp and fan speed is much higher). I also tried changing audio settings from "Highest with 4 speakers" to "Low with 2 speakers". That should have freed up the CPU somewhat I read somewhere. But that didn't change the FPS at all...

Also though about RAM as someone mentioned that. But would to little RAM cause harddisk writes (swapping)? All harddisk access that is is when new models/textures appear, and that is just a little "blink". BUT enough to cause the "stuttering". And that is the real annoying thing. 30-40 fps is no problem. The total STOP for 1/10 sec while reading from the harddisk is VERY annoying. So any tips on that is welcome :-)

PS! Would it help on anything to get 512MB RAM more? RAM is cheap and easy to install, so doubling the RAM is an option. Then I could set up HL2's heapsize too (from 256000 to 512000). Would that help on speed or stuttering (could it then preload more and prevent harddisk access).

Is there any other switches that could fix the harddisk access stuttering?