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01-20-07, 12:03 PM
Well negotiated with the wife and I can now get a GTX with my upgrade instead of GTS. Rest of my upgrade consists of
AMD Opteron 165
ASUS A8N Premium SLI
2 gig of Corsair Ram
Corsair 620 HX Power Supply
WD 320 gig Sata 3.0 16 meg to go along with 320/200 IDE's
? brand 8800 GTX
Suggestions guys???
I really like the EVGA and Leadtek as they are in same price range.

01-20-07, 12:07 PM
EVGA ,the step-up program they offer is one of the greatest things going.

01-20-07, 12:09 PM
I would recommend the eVGA simply because they have good customer support for the same price as the others, who DO not have good customer support.

I have to tell you though; I ran my 8800 with my AMD 4800+ and was disappointed with the performance. I soon learned when I built my Core Duo system the 8800 needs all the processor you can give it. The difference in 3dmark between my 4800+ (2-gig/ram) and my Core Duo 6600, with the same 8800 was a whopping 2200 points. This also transferred to a big performance increase in games.

What I'm trying to say is; with your purposed AMD system you may not see the performance increase you're looking for.

01-20-07, 12:13 PM
I would get the EVGA 8800GTX KO ACS3, its a quiet, cool and powerful card.

01-20-07, 12:19 PM
Hi gentleman, well regarding the C2D I am 110% AMD faithful and I really want to keep with AMD. Mostly though I am seriously pushing my budget limits with wifey with that setup as it is C2D system is far to much over limit for me to afford. That system as is will be 1351 with overnight shipping from newegg minus some rebates. I am upgrading from Athlon MP 2400 + Socket A and x850xt agp so I am hoping for outrageous improvements in my gaming.

01-20-07, 12:25 PM
You will see a healthy increase but with the 8800 your CPU will be somewhat of a bottleneck. Why so faithful to AMD? It's not like they pay US to use their products.

01-20-07, 12:29 PM
Just looked at the C2D E6600 and it's 315.00 at newegg. I just cannot afford that kind of processor even if I wanted to get one I have to have 2 gig of ram min, I need dual core and I want the fastest graphics card at the moment I decide to build which will be in about 3 weeks max. I just cannot go any further with cpu choice unfortunately but I do intend on OC that Opteron hopefully to at least 2.5-2.6 on air and that should help with any cpu bottleneck I would get running @ 1.8 stock speeds.

01-20-07, 12:37 PM
The CPU difference is much greater at low resolutions. Since I run at 1920x1200 the difference isn't nearly as great, especially with real games. 3dMark adds CPU scores in with video scores to come up with that number, not as realistic.

The other great thing about eVGA is their lifetime warranty.

edit: You could by the baby C2D and overclock the heck out of it.


01-20-07, 12:38 PM
Just looked at the C2D E6600 and it's 315.00 at newegg. I just cannot afford that kind of processor even if I wanted to get one I have to have 2 gig of ram min, I need dual core and I want the fastest graphics card at the moment I decide to build which will be in about 3 weeks max. I just cannot go any further with cpu choice unfortunately but I do intend on OC that Opteron hopefully to at least 2.5-2.6 on air and that should help with any cpu bottleneck I would get running @ 1.8 stock speeds.

e6600 will be faster then yoru OC'ed opteron. oc the e6600 and it will murder your opteron.

C2D simply are the best processors right now

01-20-07, 12:48 PM
What part of I do not have the money for a C2D don't you understand , I appreciate your concern over my CPU choice and I thank you for pointing out the obvious "YES THE C2D is faster processor" but at 315.00 it's out of budget and I don't like Intel to boot. The question was which 8800 GTX would be the best overall deal. Thank you very much for you guys who actually responded to my question and I have decided to get the EVGA 8800 GTX as a result. And to you guys with your C2D processors congratulations and I hope they bring you many years of fabulous gaming. Thanks again for you guys who actually read my initial question. Have a great day

01-20-07, 01:00 PM
An added thought is I plan on running super high resolutions 1600x1200 16xAA and 16XAF and up on my new system so I highly doubt that at max settings the CD2 6600 would "Murder" my OC Opteron 165. Sure it might be faster but a C2D system would cost me at least 200-400 more when expensive 775 SLI motherboard is factored in.

01-20-07, 01:03 PM
Hmm, considering I just gave away an AMD X2 4400+ since it couldn't keep up with the 8800 series, going with the Opteron 165 may be a little myoptic. Even a tuned E6300 can spank an AMD FX-62 and that's only $160. Couple that with a 650i motherboard ($130), and you are in the same price range.

EVGA is definitely my favorite, and take it from a long time AMD user (Windsor, Venice, AMD FX, Opteron, AMD X2, and dual core Opteron), the switch to Intel was not easy but has definitely proven to be more of an upgrade than I could have ever imagined. My old gaming king (PC3) has been relegated to the "office" PC.

01-20-07, 01:12 PM
Hello heavyh20, thank you for very nicely pointing out that the CD2 is a better choice for overall system performance. Nice to hear from a fellow AMD user or former I guess in your case LOL. I once looked into C2D stuff early on during my upgrade choices but deemed it far to expensive for SLI setup the prices you quoted there seem reasonable though I don't know much about the C2D motherboards at all. I'll check them out based on your very nice and warm suggestion. I'll see if I can fit one into my budget and perhaps I will reconsider and keep an open mind in the overall scheme of things. I wish you a very good day my friend and thank you again for your suggestions.

01-20-07, 01:16 PM
By the way heavyh20 I saw that rig of yours on techpowerup
Friggin amazing, your screen name didnt' register at first. I saw it the other day as I cruising through the pics on that site. Total props to you on your build, I wish I had the money for Coolermaster Stacker like that but I really like my Aerocool ExtremeEngine 3t I built a year ago. It should be able to keep everything nice and cool and running smooth. And as I said per your suggestion I will look into E6300 and the 650 motherboards to see if I like any of them. Thanks again for all you help and good luck to you my friend

01-20-07, 01:26 PM
Thanks. I did go a little over the top this time around, but it was a long time coming. Always had the value end of the OC items aside form the video cards. Not this time. I have also decided to follow the phase cooling approach. Lightspeed on the way!

Considering the C2D was a "mistake", AMD did not see it coming. That' the reason AMD is behind the 8 ball, today. It began as a side project Intel had the Israel division working on. Simple project, make a power efficient dual core, M based processor with a good sized cache to offset the shared frontside bus limitations. Looks like they underestimated what that project might deliver. :)

And, I still consider myself a bit of an Intel noobie. Still tweaking this system. I was sitting nicely in my AMD comfort zone when I decided to hop on the Intel bus, but, again I was pleasantly surprised.

And, if you need any help tweaking the system, there are plenty of folks around here to help!

01-20-07, 01:41 PM
Question ? Would going with GTS instead and perhaps then going higher end with CPU be a better overall upgrade?

01-20-07, 01:43 PM
eVGA, no complaints...

01-20-07, 01:44 PM
Basically my budget allows me 1350.00 and that's pushing it with wifey. Originally it was 1000.00 then it was 1200.00 now I got it up to 1350.00 and that's it. I really want the Corsair Powersupply for sure and 2 gig of ram and most certainly the either the GTS or GTS was considered when the budget was lower. Your expertise is greatly appreciated and I welcome any further suggestions you might have, also I am lifelong ATI fan switching over to Nvidia for the first time ever since I am tired of waiting for ATI to show the R600

01-20-07, 01:52 PM
Well My C2D E6400 and Asus P5B (not -e or -deluxe, just a normal P5B) cost me $464 cad which is about 395 USD before taxes. And I can run it at 3.4Ghz. You don't need an E6600 or higher for good performance.
I play COD2 at 1280x1024, everything maxed. 16xAA and 16xAF and don't go below 40fps.

P.s. if you can only afford One 8800 Gtx. And even considering going 8800 Gts for budget reasons. Why do you have to have a SLI board?

E6400 + Asus P5B Deluxe at new egg is $401. Or E6400 + Asus P5B is $348.

The deluxe is a better board, and has more options. But personally I have no problem with the normal P5B

01-20-07, 01:57 PM
Question ? Would going with GTS instead and perhaps then going higher end with CPU be a better overall upgrade?

Yes, I would think that may be a better balance (PC2 in sig). That gets about 10K in 3DMark06 and plays all the games great at 1600 x 1200. So, at 1280 x 1024, it will still have headroom. That would be the route I would pursue (did pursue ;) ). A good PSU(as you have chosen), 2 GB of good DDR2, and a DX10 capable video card with the C2D will make for a very solid system.

01-20-07, 01:58 PM
For me being a gamer and pretty much only a gamer I rarely multitask other than burning cd's and surfing the net at the same time would going with FX-57 @ 2.8 be less of a cpu bottleneck than Opteron 165??
FX-57 @ 2.8 w/1 meg cache
Asus A8N Premium SLI
2 gig Corsair PC 3200
Corsair 620 HX PSU
WD 320 gig Sata 3.0 16 meg
total comes to about the same as Operton 165 w/8800 GTX

what do you think guys? Good ? Bad?

01-20-07, 02:03 PM
No, the Opteron is still a better choice. Dual core is the new mainstream, so going single core would be a step back.

01-20-07, 02:04 PM
My current machine has been the same for past 2 years and I just need to trash it and get something really state of the art.
AMD MP 2400+ @ 2.0ghz 256K cache
Asus A78NX-LA 333 FSB
Ati x850xt AGP overclocked to P.E. speeds entire time
Soundblaster live
1 gig of pc 2700 333 mhz
450 watt crappy 3 fan power supply
I need help with this upgrade to be the best it can be for a while

01-20-07, 02:04 PM
We'll see what we can dig up for ya. :) I'm still on the fence about the AMD to C2D converison. There is no doubt that a C2D is faster, and would be worth it in the long run. If you are building new, I really would try to squeeze that into your budget. If you already have some parts, then AMD might still be the better choice. My FX-60 Oc'ed is almost as fast as an E6600 stock, it is a bit of a bottleneck, but when it's the difference between 120 and 150 fps, it doesn't really matter.

So if you already have a mobo and ram, then I would try to find either an FX-60 or a 4800+. Otherwise, I would strongly say figure out a way to go C2D. I definetly wouldn't go AM2, as it is just as costly as C2D, but isn't as fast. The biggest thing is that C2D will make the overall computer a decent amount faster, so anything besides games which are really dependant upon the GFX card, you should notice a decent increase in performance.

As for GTX or GTS, if your are running 1600 x 1200 or below, a GTS is probably plenty, and the extra power of the GTX won't really be able to show because there isn't anything to tax it right now. If I can run 1920 x 1200 with 8AA or 16AA and 16 AF and keep good frames (Above 60), then I'm sure the GTS will be able to do the same at a little lower res. So save the couple extra on the graphics, and put it into getting C2D.

01-20-07, 02:08 PM
My total amount I can spend is 1350 that's it wifey is very understanding and knows that I want this so bad. I need this upgrade so bad you prob can tell I am at my wits end. I have hundreds of games you name it I have it. FEAR , HALF LIFE 2 and Episode 1 , Most Wanted , Carbon, Madden 07 , Tiger Woods 07, Oblivion, Flatout 1 and 2 , Microsoft Flight Sim X ( Runs horrible) Call of Duty 1 + Expansion + 2 , San Andreas, Prey I have them all. I want to max them out run them full details and 1600x1200 16 AA 16 AF. I need a system within my budget that will let me accomplish that