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01-20-07, 05:13 PM
Ok guys here is the lowdown on the 2 systems I am going to choose from for my ultimate PC upgrade. Keep in mind I am going from AMD MP 2400+ 2.0 ghz and ATI x850xt AGP to one of these systems.

What is the better choice ?????? I'll let you guys decide and thank you so much for taking time out to vote and or send me feedback on my choices

Ok everyone here is what I have come up with 2 builds
AMD Opteron 165 Dual Core 1.8
Asus A8N Premium SLI 2,000 Hyper Transport
2 gig Corsair Value Select PC3200
Corsair 620 watt HX Power Supply
Western Digital 320 gig Sata 3.0 16 meg cache
EVGA 8800 GTX 768 meg

total for all parts listed above with overnight shipping =
$1351.38 as of this very minute with $45.00 main in rebates bringing total upgrade price to = $1306.38

#2 The one you guys helped me with
INTEL Core2Duo E6400 Dual Core 2.13
Asus P5N E SLI Nforce 650i 1066 FSB
2 gig Patriot pc6400 800 mhz
Corsair 620 Watt HX Power Supply
Western Digital 320 gig Sata 3.0 16 meg cache
EVGA 8800 GTS 640 meg

total for all those parts listed with overnight shipping =
$1343.34 as of this very minute $85.00 mail in rebates brings total upgrade price to = $ 1258.34

Ok that's the 2 choices now it's poll time whichever gets the most votes is the system I go with

Thanks so much for all your help

Unfortunately I cannot add the GTX to the INTEL build it's just not in the budget 1350.00 is the absolute maximum I can go and wifey is being way way way more than generous as my budget started out at 1000.00

01-20-07, 05:22 PM
Definitely #2.

If theres any possible way you can squeeze a GTX into that build it'll be perfect, if not though, its still the better of the two. In the long run the core2 will give you quite a bit more bang for your buck, especially if you overclock.

Xion X2
01-20-07, 05:31 PM
Go with #2 and do whatever you can to slash the price enough to go w/ a GTX. It's a much better card.

01-20-07, 05:33 PM
Yeah but how can I slash the price nearly 200 bucks? I don't know where to cut from the INTEL system as I just tonight even considered going INTEL due to me being #1 AMD fan. But I am willing to swallow my pride if the INTEL system proves to be the better overall for my gaming.

I suppose I could drop back on the power supply and find something around 100 bucks. That would be a start , I highly doubt that I can shave much off DDR2 memory so I really don't know where to cut.

Well after to much lost sleep and for the sanity it will bring me I have decided the AMD upgrade is the ideal one for me. I know the Core2Duo is the faster of the 2 but if I don't get the 8800 GTX I will kick myself and never be able to get it after the fact. Thanks for all you help guys and I wish you all the best.

There is just no way to make it work out with GTX it's not possible cannot cut enough corners to make it happen

01-23-07, 11:47 AM
Will first of all if you are not planning on sli, youcan just buy a cheaper P965 mobo. You can also save money by buying a 150gb hd instead. Do you need 320gb? Also if you don't plan on sli you can save on the psu aswell. A 500 watt psu will be okay. A ny of the 7800gtx sli certified psu's will do here for a single 8800gtx. Also there are many brands of the 8800gtx and different shops have different prices. You can save alot of money by shopping around. next since you are already buying an E6400 which has less cache then the others why not save even more money and buy A E6300, what does the starting point matter if you are gonna overl****? The stock Intel heat sink is fine for overclocking. All that will easily save you enough for your to get a 8800gtx. Besides even the E6300 is faster than the AMD you chose.

also by buying your psu, memory or what ever else 2nh hand you can save even more. This is just after Christmas time. Plenty of people will be offloading as new goods, look around for it. I just sold some kit that I had and it was in mint condition (2nd hand though). I also saved all the boxes and stuff, so it was just as good as a retail package. There are others like me out there.

PS. Don't give up, where there is a will there is a way. Take a look at my rig, you would think I was made of money right? Wrong, I was just very good at planning, and allocating. You can learn how tod this to. Alot of the people here are like me, they are not rich, but somehow always have high end stuff.

01-23-07, 03:03 PM
I thought in this thread: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=84682 that you had already decided to go with option #1?

01-23-07, 03:06 PM
He did. I don't know why he went with option 1, and i don't know why he made a new thread to the ask the question he asked in the other thread on the same day :) This thread is kinda useless.

01-23-07, 03:43 PM
Option 2 without a doub it is more upto date DDR2 etc making migrating easyier.

01-23-07, 04:40 PM
You mentioned in that other thread you have loads of PC games. If I were you I would turn some of them in to cold hard cash, and put it towards the rig. If it's a game you really like just dump it to your drive, but make sure you only do that with games that don't have heavy CP.

Thats one of the things I did to get my money.