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01-22-07, 12:45 AM
Hey lads :afro:

Got a 30" Dell LCD during xmas, and have been running that since then without any problems. (besides all the usual driver related problems with the 8800's)
Recentlly hooked up my previous 22" CRT monitor again. Fired it up and noticed straight up that it didnt look as clear as it used to when running as the primary display before I got the 30" (is that a known problem). But when i went to watch a few videos, microsoft keynot being one of them, I noticed that the framerate wasnt all that great when played back full screen on the CRT. And my mouse movement was rather choppy aswell, and programs seemed to lag abit. I then closed media player classic and the problem disappeared. Also tested with Windows Media player. I reopened the video went to full screen on the CRT and the lag returned. I checked the CPU usage and it was hitting 50% cpu (mplayerc.exe) So I quit media player classic opened up the same video on the LCD and played it full screen without problems, no lag, no mouse skip and normal cpu usage.

I recently did a proper installation of 97.92 with a modified INF from a previous version of the drivers so that my nvidia control panel wasnt empty. A normal install of the driver results in my having an empty nvidia control panel.

So any ideas what could be causing this? It seems like the 2nd monitor has no hardware accelaration at all or something.
Im sure it used to work when i tried it just after I got the 30" when i was running both screens for awhile. But that would have been on 97.28 perhaps.

So to sum up.
When playing videos in full screen on my secondary monitor (CRT) the following is evident:
Less than ideal playback rate in both Media Player Classic and Windows Media Player laggy mouse movements on primary monitor, not very smooth at all. Applications seems to be slow to respond CPU usage for video player often hovers around 50% No problem are evident when playback of video is on primary monitor

See PC specs below in signature.

01-22-07, 06:48 AM
gah, ok after re-testing. It seems like it doesnt happen with Windows Media Player after all.
Turns out it was to do with the Media Player Classic playback output settings, seems having it set to VMR9 causes cpu usages to go sky high while dropping it back to VMR7 fixes the problem. Strange but solved.