View Full Version : Unreal 2 is not that bad

03-09-03, 07:31 PM
OK although i heard only crap about unreal2 i have to say its a real cool game however it has some really annoying bugs...it is clear that this game was rush..

It does not make any revolution in the FPS genre but it is really enjoyable...

what dyou think??

NOTE: the gfx are awesome best so far...

03-09-03, 08:07 PM
I enjoyed the game very much..And even though alot of people thought the game was too quick - I beg to differ..I like my first person shooter games to be a nice length..not too long or too short..just in the middle..Now RPG is a different story..

This game had great graphics and a decent story line..fun fun..:D

03-09-03, 08:17 PM
the game is great and I haven't had any crashes ever since I moved up to the lastest nvidia drivers. I had some crashes before with my Live! card, but after setting UseDefaultDriver=0 in the Audio section of the .ini file, I didn't have any more crashes due to sound.

03-15-03, 12:22 AM
I just got in in the mail a day after my computer toasted itself. Talk about mad. Anyway, what's with the lack of feedback about it? It's like a ghost game that no one has heard of. Weird.

03-15-03, 06:47 AM
I think people just play games too much around here, iplay about an hour a day tops, and its lasting me quite nicley... ideal for one of those pick up and play games which on the pc is usually restricted to solitaire ;)

03-16-03, 12:28 AM
i just picked it up yesterday... i think its pretty good... besides a few things. like the loading... god its driving me insane... sometimes it loads for 30 seconds, to show a 10 second clip... lol ridiculous... also the graphics... although good... they arent amazing. just a small step above whats already out there. not even anywhere near doom3 or sc... imo

03-16-03, 05:12 AM
I just finished it a couple of days ago. I don't play games for that long in one sitting so it took me about 5-6 weeks to finish it. Therefor, I thought the length was fine.

I thought the graphics were great (graphics ***** here). I really enjoyed the outdoor scenes and some of the alien lanscapes later on. The multitude of weapons is great as well. I love having all of these weapon choices (although some of them, I didn't use much at all).

It may not push the genre forward much. But, if you look at the game on its own without comparing it to its predecessor, it is a great game. I think these reviews giving it around a 60% are rather unfair. I just wish there would have been some secret areas/items to give the player more of a reason to explore.

03-17-03, 04:31 PM
I loved the game. I really want the frikkin patch, I think it should clear up the performance issue I have (judging by its fixlist)
It was supposed to be out early last week...Unreal guys should never give dates...it ticks people off cause they never meet them

03-17-03, 04:43 PM
I only had one crash on this game other than that I played it all the way through, that was on a GF4. It runs fine on my 9700 too. Performance is fine aslong as I don't enable Hardware 3D sound... but all games have issues with that it seems.

The game was good and at times very fun to play, those missions where you order other marines around to defend a base were cool. It was a little short, don't play it on the easiest difficulty for sure.

Load times were okay with 512 meg of ram, though the memory usage was around 93% at times (type memstat at the console). It would suck if you only have 256 .

03-17-03, 06:10 PM
I enjoyed Unreal 2. I played it through on a GeForce2 and it looked great on that. I just purchased a Radeon 9700 Pro, but haven't gotten around to play U2 with itl
The only thing that pissed me off was all of the sound crashes with my Audigy2. I also thought the surround sound was lackluster and inaccurate at times.
Graphics=Good, Sound=mediocre, Length=Just Right, Gameplay=Fun
That's my summary.

03-25-03, 10:37 AM
Well, the length of the game is a relative issue. While it was definitely shorter than MOHAA or RTCW it was a different environment and mood. I wouldn`t mind more missions but if you take a look at the detail put into every level I`m happy there are developers that take so much time. If they released an add-on with half amount of levels, I`d buy it for full price if it was the same level of detail.
There were many times when I just stopped and looked with my jaw dropping. I`m developer also (although independent) so I can hardly express the feelings when looking at the detail given to every object, wall and stuff.
IMO the main reason why the game looks so good is the lightmaps and lighting in general (i.e. pretty old techniques, but taken to its max).

As for stability I didn`t have any problem - it never crashed. Although I`m really loooking forward to playing this game after I upgrade RAM, because 256 MB is definitely little for this game.

I only hope they sell enough copies to justify creating Unreal 3.

03-26-03, 01:22 AM
I'm happy to say that post 43.00 (long ago,) dx9.0a, and PATCH (same day!)
This game is much nicer to play. I can't say if 9.0a really did anything, since I got it before the patch, but its VERY nice to be able to play this game smoothly.