View Full Version : my score seems low. PLEASE help TWEAK my driver settings

01-24-07, 07:46 AM
3dmark 2006 score stinks.

i have 2 computers with the same nvidia drivers v93.71
one computer has a 7900gt 2gb ram amd 64 x2 3800 @ default (scores 5200)
the other has a 6800nu 16x1 6vp 1gb ram amd 64 @ 2.5ghz (scores 783)
both video cards o/c as far as they will go.

i want my settings to give me the BEST visual quality (within reason)

what settings do i have set that if changed would help my performance to go way up without sacrificing quality.

games i play:
hl2 counter strike (game aa = off, game ani = triple buffering)
rise of nations
rome total war

here are my settings
global driver settings

aa settings = app controlled
ani filtering = app controlled
image settings = high quality
color profile = not available
vsync = off
force mipmaps = none
conformant texture clamp = on
extention limit = off
hardware accel = single
trilinear opt = off
ani mip filter opt = off
ani sample opt = off
gamma correct aa = on
transaparency aa = multi
triple buffering = off
negative lod bias = allow (what does "clamp" mean?)
threaded opt = auto
opengl error reporting = off

thx for the help

01-24-07, 11:15 AM
Well you really have two choices. Performance or Quality. You don't get both unless you have the computer parts to do it. There is no magic setting to make performance go through the roof with keeping the quality exactly the same.

What you should do is look for tweaks for each game, because they are all different. And all have different settings. You can probably get away with a bit of performance boost without any real noticeable difference in quality with game tweaks. But the performance isn't going to be jumping through the roof.

Try http://www.tweakguides.com/
He has a guide on those settings for the nvidia control panel.
Plus many guides for individual games.

01-27-07, 11:09 AM
modded drivers are sometimes worthwhile.