View Full Version : Unknown PCI device

01-24-07, 02:25 PM
Specs in sig. In device manager I have a PCI device with a question mark by it. I'm not sure what it is though. I never installed the drivers for the on-board sound, could that be it?

01-24-07, 02:48 PM
have you ever disabled the onboard sound from BIOS?

01-24-07, 03:37 PM
That could be it. And if you installed windows when your sound was disabled, it wouldn't have asked for drivers. And maybe it is now enabled for some reason? So it doesn't have the driver...other than that. Did this just happen? Like out of the blue? Or did you just reinstall windows and can't figure out what the device is?

01-24-07, 04:14 PM
On-board sound has always been disabled in the BIOS. This didn't just pop up, it's always been there since I put the system together about 5 weeks ago.

When I get home tonight I'll install the sound drivers and see if it goes away. Actually, maybe I shouldn't do that......will they cause a conflict with the Creative drivers?