View Full Version : Gainward 8800GTX Question

01-24-07, 10:14 PM
Iím very interested in this GeForce 8800GTX from Gainward, but need to confirm that it is 100% HDCP compatible, i.e. it has the HDCP Crypto ROM chip built in.

Most of the 8800GTXs do have this, but it is not mentioned in the spec anywhere on the official website, nor in any reviews that I've read.

There is an HDCP graphic on the Gainward website, but this does not confirm the presence of the necessary Crypto chip. :(

Has anyone got one of these that can confirm/deny the Crypto chip?

01-25-07, 04:06 AM
ALL G80s are HDCP-ROM included. HDCP works flawlessly. All G80 are alike, the only difference is the sticker on the fan.

01-25-07, 09:39 AM
Thanks, but I'm sure I read on a forum somewhere that MSI did a non HDCP one.

01-25-07, 04:47 PM
If you look at the official page, it's not obvious:-