View Full Version : HELP ! 7800gs on a Barton 2500 system

01-25-07, 03:38 PM
Hello from The Niceland ( Iceland. )
I am about to buy for 220$ BFG, nVidia GeForce 7800GS OC, 256 MB,

Will it perform well with my system.. ??
or will the CPU be a bottleneck in this all ??

please help me I am going to buy this on Saturday...

My system is as follows...

Barton 2500 @ 3200.. @ 42 Celsius ( water cooled )
Asus A7N8X deluxe motherboard
2 x 1gb ddr
AGP 6600 GT graphic card.. swapped for the 7800gs

with regards..and thanks


ICeland the Niceland.

01-25-07, 04:48 PM
dont bother, wait for 8600, then go asrock 775/allendale e4300 whichll come to a total of around 400$ but itll last u 2 years and u can keep ur DDR