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01-26-07, 09:05 AM
is it possible like to get a defective CPU? of course it is.
But what if you got defective one like which is running hotter then others?

Can it be like one of 100cpus? 99 of them running 40c and one of them is 60c no metter what. That ain't right! :thumbdwn:

it's 16F OUTSIDE! it's So so f---- Cold outside,i opened my windows to make my room cold it's so cold right now in here i can't live like that!!!!!!:D This F-cker Just WONT go DOwn! locked on 40s(c) 41- the lowest is 40c!!!!!!! 38 is like hallelujah!!!

the system runs 30c,EVEN 8800GTX runs 38c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm using zalman 9500 and AS5
should i rma it?

01-26-07, 09:48 AM
the HSF is installed correctly? ive had problems with installing the HSF incorrectly (backwards with my old Socket A Athlon XP lol) and it got wicked temps. then i did this: (omg)

but if you check it and all is well (good contact with a nice thin layer of AS5 at the interface, the thickness of AS5 should be about the thickness of a sheet of paper) then yes, id look into RMA'ing it.

as another thought, have you tried a diff CPU? could just be a problem with the location or readout of the temp sensor on the motherboard.

Single Player
01-26-07, 06:52 PM
i've set up the RMA.. how i'm going to live now!:(

no music :jammin: no games :rw: no forums, no chating, no msn:type:

:( :( :(

01-28-07, 12:11 AM
That sucks. If your 100% sure there's nothing else u can do to lower temps, well than you should RMA it.