View Full Version : A7N8X Deluxe + IGP?

03-10-03, 12:27 PM
Does anyone know if Asus has any plans to bring out an IGP version of A7N8X Deluxe? I desperately desire a motherboard with dual VGA-outs, yet no one seems to be providing one. Yes, I do run dual monitor.

This question also can be read as: does anyone know of any mobo manufacturers planning on releasing any nForce2 mobos with dual LAN and dual VGA?


03-10-03, 03:20 PM
Yes but there currently no word on when it will be out. HOwever i an't sure about dual VGA ports, but i think it's doubtful :o

03-11-03, 11:58 PM
the epox 8rga+ is out. it does have dual vga ports onboard

03-12-03, 08:28 AM
Does it? never noticed as i don't like intergrated video. I myself would go with the EPoX if you need it ASAP.

03-12-03, 11:49 AM
Indeed, I just noticed that the new Epox board has two VGA-outs. Very nice :).

The problem I'm having is that I run Linux, and the nForce2 has problematic support for it. More specifically, I cannot run a non-nVidia card on it due to the AGP implementation right now, and the Firewire is slightly busted. I'm not sure if I want to lock myself in like that - what if ATI comes out with something amazing that I want, or I need to use an IEEE-1394 peripheral?

At this point, I'm leaning towards a KT400A board, perhaps the AT7-MAX3 whenever it comes out, and just outfitting it with a separate video card (probably a GFFX 5200 and WinTV Go). I was never a huge fan of VIA, but I can put up with them if need be. Dual channel is not all that important if I'm not using the onboard graphics, right? :)


03-14-03, 10:37 PM
Any reason why You could not use both an AGP and PCI card?.