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01-27-07, 01:50 PM
Hi guys. I am having a problem with my monitor or maybe it is my video card. I dont know.

I have a 19 inch monitor. The problem I have is that when I turn on my pc my monitor screen is really small. I have a big gap on both sides of my screen. Instead of having my full 18inch veiwable picture I only have maybe 16inches viewable. I thought it was a problem with refresh rates and my computers rez. It use to fix its self after a hour or so it would go back to full screen. Now for the past week it is not fixing its self anymore. I dont know what to do. I think I have done what I can. i dont know if the monitor is bad or the video card is going bad. The monitor is 1.5 years old. I bought it new and its been great to me. My video card is a BFG 6800gt AGP.

01-27-07, 06:17 PM
You didnt mention if you've tried adjusting the screen size through the monitors on-screen options? Should be a resize adjustment in there somewhere.

01-27-07, 08:04 PM
Set the resolution you want, i.e, 1280x1024, 85hz, in video card driver control panel, then adjust screen size with your monitor's on-screen options. You may have to do that everytime you re-install/update your video card driver. If you messed up the monitor settings, try reset it back to factory default and start over.

01-28-07, 12:01 AM
You should just be able to hit the auto adjust button somewhere on the menu on your monitor. That dosen't sound too much like a dying video card. Good Luck

01-28-07, 09:19 AM
Thanks for the feedback guys. I appreciate it.

I have adjusted the screen size through the monitor settings. It is at max. I will play around with the rez and refresh rate some more. It does reset its self everytime I turn on my pc though.