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01-27-07, 10:56 PM
Hello All,...been awhile since I have been in these forums, but I am back. I decided to buy a XFX 7600GT 256mb/ddr3 AGP Video Card to replace my current Ati 9800 Pro..just need some advice on what are some of the stable/safe driver's that I should get/ or should I just go with the newest Nvidia drivers? does anyone else have this same card and how do you like it's performance? is the HSF Fan quiet on your's? one thing I liked about this card was the 580 core speed and 1.5ghz memory speed's, quite an upgrade from my current ATI 9800 PRO which I bvelieve is only 475 core and 900 memory speeds.
the rest of my system is as follows:
Intel D865PERLL Motherboard
INTEL P4 @ 3.0GHZ CPU (800FSB) Northwood Core
Antec BQE Case
80gb Maxtor Diamondmax plus 9 hard drive
1gb Kingston HyperX Dual Channel PC3200 Ram (2-3-2-6)
Zalman copper HSF CNS7000B
a few other Goodies
Winxp Home Edition

LG L1932TQ 19 Inch Monitor (1400:1 contrast Ratio-4ms Response time)

01-27-07, 11:38 PM
I have an evga 7600gt(pci-e) and the most recent nvidia drivers are working fine for me. The only drivers I've ever had issues with were the ones that came on the disc with it.

Anyway.. my card overclocks really well, though I keep it on default speeds most of the time. Should tinker around with yours to see how far it can go. At stock speeds idle temps are 40ish. It can get to 45 after an hour or two of gaming. It is pretty cold in here, though.

01-28-07, 10:26 AM
Thanks for the reply CampOrz...I firgured the ones on disc would be Outdated, as this happens most of the time. ...I guess once the card arrives here I will go with the newest driver's and if they dont agree with my PC, change them till I find ones that do.I have the DRIVER CLEANER Program and have Unistalled and reinstalled driver's in the past numerous times for testing/Tweaking purposes.I use to have a Geforce Ti 500, then A geforce Ti4600, currently now a ATI 9800 Pro, and in a few days when it arrives..a XFX Nvidia 7600gt...maybe my next plan will be to totally get rid of my age-ing Agp system and upgrade to the new/faster PCI-E Setup.I did notice that this same card in the PCI-E version is a bit cheaper than the AGP version. I paid 164.99 after Rebate for it on TigerDirect

XFX Support
01-29-07, 11:10 AM
I agree that the latest drivers should be your first choice. If you have any questions or need anything please let us know.

XFX Support

01-29-07, 05:51 PM
Thanks, I am just waiting for caRD to Arrive..should be here by end of month..will let you know how I like it and how it performs with the Latest Nvidia Drivers (93.71)..Probabbly my last AGP Card before I switch to a newer Socket Motherboard System, sometime in Future, with the PCI-E Slots and Different CPU sOCKETS..