View Full Version : Mushkin PC3200 FS or Trade

03-10-03, 05:49 PM
For sale: two pieces of Mushkin Blue 512MB PC3200 2.5-4-4. Never unwrapped; still in anti-static shipping balloon. Blue PCB, Blue heatspreaders. Lifetime guarantee.

400MHz Bus freq / Unbuffered / Mushkin PC3200 is built on a custom 6 layer PCB using the highest quality discreet components available in the memory industry.

Mushkin list $270, paid $209, Make $ offer.

Alternately, I'd love to add a cash boost and trade for:
- Radeon 9700 Pro
- Radeon 9700 Pro AIW
- GeForceFX 5800 Ultra

03-10-03, 06:36 PM
...matched set?

03-10-03, 11:49 PM
Two singles purchased at the same time. Not matched by Mushkin like Corsair does with TWINX.

03-11-03, 01:12 PM
did i send u a PM ?

if not i would like to get that memory off u?

is it the high quality stuff ? or blue line ?

email me @ Jokester_wild@hotmail.com

03-11-03, 01:59 PM
I've got an offer of $95 for one, but am looking to sell both first if I can. $95 each for two anyone?

Jokester: Please follow the link on my original post to answer your questions directly from the Mushkin description.

03-11-03, 02:29 PM
YGPM. :cool:

03-13-03, 12:57 PM
SOLD - ok to close thread