View Full Version : Need Help which driver link do I choose

01-29-07, 09:34 PM
Hello all, I am getting a XFX 7600GT, and wanted to download the newest drivers from Nvidia page, so when i go to DOWNLOAD DRIVERS, THEN THE 3 BOXES with choices open, I know the first choice I should choose "GRAPHICS DRIVER", then in Box 2 do I choose "geforce and tnt2" OR "GEFORCE GO 7 SERIES"..the third box is my OS, which I firgured that one out easily...thanks for any help..been Awhile since I downloaded Nvidia drivers and need a memory refresher
here is the page I mean with the driver's:

01-29-07, 09:49 PM
Geforce and tnt2 is the one you want.

You would know if you bought a geforce go. They are for laptops.

01-29-07, 09:53 PM
Thanks, thats what I thought, but just needed a confirmation from someone else in here...didnt want to end up with a malfunction either....(nana2)