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01-30-07, 07:59 PM
well, I've decided that I want to go to water cooling...

I just need some suggestions and advice on things I need...

so far I've come up with....

Swiftech MCRES-MICRO reservoir

ThermoChill PA120.2 Dual 120mm Radiator or Swiftech MCR320.. can't decide.. the MCR320 costs alot less:lol:

I am going to be using a Swiftech MCW655 pump..

so yeah... thats all I've come up with so far... what would you guys suggest or recommend?

what are good water blocks for the cpu and chipset? I haven't decided if I want to put the 8800 GTS in the loop, don't know if I would need a better rad.

What are good fans to use that aren't too noisy?

What should I use for tubing and clamps?

What else do I need? :rofl

01-30-07, 08:04 PM
The MCR will be better for low cfm fans...

Get the swiftech Apogee GT for cpu...

dont bother with the chipset... its a pos.

Don't bother with the gpu either. You are going to replace it anyways and you wont gain that much in an overclock.

Use the steel hose clamps for clamps.. you can get them at a hardware store..

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Xion X2
01-31-07, 04:11 AM
Actually, the Thermochills are perfect for low CFM fans--even moreso than the Swiftechs. If you have the money, they're definitely the way to go. I would've gone w/ one of them, but they didn't come in blue. :rolleyes:

Pump looks good. For dual-cores, the Storm by Swiftech is the best block out there. The jets shoot water right at the center of the die. Go Apogee GT or Dtek Fuzion if you think you might go quad in the near future. They have less of a centralized cooling pattern and spread out more evenly over the die and will keep quads 3-5C cooler than the Storm.

For clamps, go with worm-drive. They offer the best grip/seal. And for tubing, well Tygon is by far the best, but it's also the most expensive. If you have a lot of tight bends go with Tygon because it flexes better; otherwise, go with Masterkleer. Go with 7/16" or 1/2" for best cooling results. Just be forewarned that 7/16" over 1/2" barbs is a really tight fit.

Other than that, you'll need

1) fittings-- depends on the size tubing you'll be using. 1/2" for 1/2" tubing or 7/16" tubing. Dangerden makes good fittings that you can use w/ 1/4" threads.

2) coolant additive-- Anti-corrosive like Pentosin, Hydrx, or Zerex. If using Pentosin, use as a mixture w/ distilled water. 1 part coolant, 9 parts distilled.

3) biocide-- protects against algae/bacteria growth

4) distilled white vinegar-- soak your radiator repeatedly with this to clean it before install

5) distilled water-- to flush vinegar out of rad. Make sure to flush repeatedly before install

Anything else that you wish to know you can find here:


02-01-07, 11:04 AM

ok, so since this is my first water cooling attempt Roadhog talked some sense into me and I scaled it back a bit. I am only going to have the CPU in the loop for now so I decided to go with the h20-120 premium kit. I did buy the Apogee GT water block tho:D

Later on I am gonna see about getting that thermochill rad and maybe a mcp655 pump... for now I am going 3/8" tubing.

All this stuff should be here by the 6th!

How the heck does something take that long to get to Florida from Oklahoma?:lol:

my Corsair Dominators got here in two days from California:rofl

oh well. Gotta wait for the good stuff:D