View Full Version : Good PS2 Games for Kids

01-31-07, 08:50 PM
My sister is turning 10 this weekend and I'd like to give her my PS2 since I don't really need it anymore. She never really played through a game before, only mash buttons in fighting games or the flash games on PC. I don't think she'd want to play any of my games since they might be a bit too complicated for her.

I was thinking the Jak & Daxter series or Katamri Damacy to start her off.

Can you guys give a a list of like 5 titles that you think aren't that difficult but pretty good games?

01-31-07, 09:15 PM
Rachet and Clank, Stretch Panic (if you can find it) and ICO...

01-31-07, 09:45 PM
i don't see why a 10 year old wouldn't like guitar hero. better get em into rock while they're young :P

01-31-07, 11:44 PM
Rachet and Clank
Funny you mention Ratchet. Ironically, Rachet is known for having plenty of adult undertones kids probably wont even notice. (Up Your Arsenal, Size Matters; for example) :p

Can't go wrong with those games though. I'd probably add Jak & Daxter, maybe okami, hot shots golf, sly cooper, maybe singstar, ultimate spiderman.

02-01-07, 05:18 PM
Crash Bandicoot stuff
DDR games
Shrek: Smash And Crash
Sly Cooper
The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Oh and Street Fighter Anniversary Collection. What? :D I was 10 when Street Fighter 2 came out and LOVED it (still do). hehe

02-04-07, 11:19 AM
Thanks for the responses guys. I held off on guitar hero since that would really a hit or miss with her and a $70 miss wouldn't of been good.

Got two oldies but goodies, Rachet and Sly Cooper. She's only played Sly so far and is really enjoying it.