View Full Version : Vista upgraded freezes with 8800 GTS

01-31-07, 10:19 PM
Well, I tried to upgrade TWICE to Windows Vista Home Premium with no success. The upgrade froze both times at the same exact point. I think it was at 21% opening files. Well, I guess I'll have to put off Windows Vista for a while. Fortunately, I turned my PC off and it rebooted to Windows XP Home again both times. At least we won't be seeing any DX10 games for some time. I know DX10 will not be available for Windows XP.:thumbdwn:

I guess I can try the installation on another computer anyway.

02-02-07, 08:03 PM
Well, I'm glad this happened!!! I upgraded one of my other PCs, and the performance of most of my games and benchmarks plummeted!!!:thumbdwn: I'll wait until DX10 games are out before I attempt to upgrade my main system again!!!

02-03-07, 02:07 AM
How about disabling your OC and trying again. Other people have no problem getting Vista up and running with their 8800's, so the problem is most likely on your end.

02-03-07, 03:53 AM
Well, I did the jump a couple of days ago. Tried FEAR, HL2 E1 and Call of Duty 2. All three seem to work fine. Of course I don't game much on my PC these days, so I don't really mind right now if I don't have 100% speed.