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01-31-07, 10:41 PM
WD 150GB 10,000 RPM raptor

Hey guys 90% of the time when opeing a game like CSS ,battlefield 2142 and splinter cell or any game my harddrive makes loud normal(I think) annoying reading sounds,but after a while I realized I get it alot of times when opening IE or firefox when opening up programs.It's very loud and annoying ,but I know the actual sound it's making is normal.What can I do to stop it from making noise? is my harddrive defected? I defragged it and checked for hd errors and there are no virus on my computer.Even when I am doing nothing the hard drive keeps making wierd reading noises no beeps though.

01-31-07, 11:05 PM
Only thing I can think of is the metal to metal contact with the case is making the sound louder due to the vibration caused by the drive 'spinning up.' A trip to the local hardware store for some rubber grommets/washers might be worth a try. Just install them on the four screws between the drive and the case.

My 74GB Raptors are quiet in my P160 Antec case as well as my Maxtor drives in my KingWin KT-424 case. Both cases come with rubber grommets for dampening the noise of the installed drives.

02-01-07, 01:23 PM
What's the noise like? clinking and clicking? or spinning?

I have two 150Gb Raptors and have not notice any noise from them. (maybe my fan noise is drowing the hdd noise :( )

When my WD Caviar RE2 500Gb were about to fail, they keep giving a clinking sound (like something metal is loose inside the casing and being thrown around.

Like what rytr said, maybe the sound is outside the hdd casing. then the rubber grommets will fix the noise.

If you were able to defrag it and it survived, it is likely the hdd is okey, I am not 100% sure though. If you start getting/losing data, then it is time to worry. :(

also try the disk diagnostic tools from WD website.

02-01-07, 07:49 PM
I think it's the case as well. My old Wavemaster case has the same loud hdd noise. Rubber grommets can't fit in there because it's really tight fit.

02-01-07, 08:04 PM
I modded my case some. As pricey, and really, this is a nice case, the design of the hard drive cage is very crappy! My raptors made so much noise that I had to do something.

As was mentioned, the mounting was metal-to-metal, no rubber in between, and this case is so huge that it just made a nice echo chamber for the rattle of the drive heads seeking.

What I did was suspend my drives with some bungie cords :)

Can't hear a peep out of them now.

Antec Silent cases have hard drive mounting down to a science. Weird Lian Li can't figure it out.

02-01-07, 08:32 PM
Bungie cords! Now that is a novel idea. :D