View Full Version : What's the newest video I can use with an eVGA 6200tc?

02-01-07, 10:16 PM
I'm trying to play some movie files no my spare computer (main computer I had to RMA my card).

I'm actually trying to play an HD-DVD, but Cyberlink keeps giving me and error and their website says I need a 92.xx or newer driver.

I tried the 97.xx driver, and it wouldn't install (saying no hardware matches the driver, basically).

Then I tried an 87.xx driver and it wouldn't install. So now I installed a 77.xx driver and it installed fine, but Cyberlink won't let me play the Hd-DVd.

My other card is HDCP compliant, but it won't be back from EVGA for a few weeks.

So anyone have any ideas?

02-02-07, 03:37 PM
que pasa :afro:

02-03-07, 08:37 AM

02-03-07, 08:58 AM
I would think any recent official driver would work. Did you download one from the nvidia site?


02-03-07, 11:17 AM
I downloaded them all from guru3d, where I normally download all my stuff.