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02-02-07, 08:29 AM
My system had been running WinXP solid since I bought my 680i(months ago) running P23. I purchased Vista Ultimate. I cloned my XP install to a 36gb raptor I had laying around just in case. Before the install I flashed to P24 with a floppy, shutdown, reset bios to default, shutdown, set my setting just as they were before.

Now with Vista installed, I am having nothing but problems. Vista will become non responsive and will not recover. Sometime the HD led will be lit up constant, mostly when dealing with larger files or just poking around.

I removed my Vista OS drive (WD 320KS drive) and put in my Cloned XP OS drive (WD 36GB Raptor) and XP ran just as before, perfect. I spent hours trying to make it crash and it was stable as hell. This tells me I do not have a SATA issue with the 680i. I decided to take the raptor out and pop in an older WD 200GB Sata drive and install Vista on it. Well, I have not had a problem in vista yet. I can copy large files between drives and download large files 800+ MB without issue.

So, either my WD 320GB drive is dying or Vista is having a problem with certain newer SATA2 drives. I wanted to ask everyone that is having issues, what drive are you using? Is it possible that WD SATA2 drives are the issue? Or maybe just SATA2 drives in general?

After posting on the EVGA board this is on of the responses I got back.

Originally posted by k7xps
[br]Holy Molly! I think we are onto something. I had the exact same problem with my WD 320KS drive..beat my head over this issue since vista came out. I installed with a older WD 250 Sata I drive and all of my issues have been solved!! I have done a heck of a lot of research lately and I would have to surmise that Vista (at least with this motherboard) eather does not like Western Digital Sata II drives or just plain ol doesn't like Sata II drives!

Spread the word. I imagine that this issue will get resolved in time with either a vista patch or nvidia patch but SPREAD the WORD!! Save some other folks the agony that I have experienced.


02-02-07, 08:43 AM
I'm running a SATA2 drive on Vista without problems, though I'm using a 965 chipset. Maybe Vista doesn't like SATA2 with the 680i?

02-02-07, 08:46 AM
I've got Vista installed on a Hitachi deskstar (SATA2), and I've had two hardlocks and two BSODs in the three days I've had it installed. I'm certain the HDs aren't the problem (this drive ran my old X2 machine), but rather the generic motherboard drivers we're using. If we had Vista nForce drivers, we probably wouldn't be having these problems...

02-02-07, 08:46 AM
I'm running a SATA2 drive on Vista without problems, though I'm using a 965 chipset. Maybe Vista doesn't like SATA2 with the 680i?

IIRC, Vista has Intel drivers included, so you wouldn't have issues.

02-12-07, 01:02 PM
Thats crazy I have that exact problem as well I have a WD 160GB SATA2 and a WD320GB and I just installed vista on the 320 and am having a nightmare of I/O errors explorer hangs and crashes and so on does anyone have a viable solution switching drives is not an option for me.