View Full Version : No reboot required to install WDDM drivers: Myth or fact?

02-02-07, 10:59 AM
I was wondering because I remembering reading that Vista drivers do NOT require a reboot when installing or removing them.

The latest 100.xx however still needs a system reboot to work properly like in the old XP days. So what's about with this "new" Vista feature? (I said new because MS already promised no reboots in XP when XP was launched).

Does anyone know more about this?

02-02-07, 01:45 PM
I didn't need to reboot when I installed the 100.59 or 100.54 drivers. It still asked if I wanted to reboot at the end of the install, but it defaulted to "No". And they appear to work fine without rebooting. Same with my sound drivers. Though iirc my sound card drivers didn't need to be rebooted in XP either. Not sure about the video card drivers in XP though.

02-02-07, 02:13 PM
WDDM drivers don't need a reboot.
WDDM drivers are the drivers that Windows update finds and installs.
These drivers are only about 4.5MB in size and have NO control panel.
Just enough to get aero to work

02-02-07, 03:36 PM
Core Windows XP display drivers don't need a reboot either. When you run the nVidia installer and the screen flickers in and out, that's the new drivers being activated.

You need a reboot to activate the control panel/service/helper applications.

02-03-07, 05:13 AM
So in the end you still need to reboot to get everything working...

02-03-07, 08:38 AM
The driver handling was removed from the Kernel in Vista and as such more can be done with drivers without restarting, but for drivers like Nvidia forceware drivers that intergrate a control panel with the system will still need a restart to work correctly.