View Full Version : Strange Vista Issue

02-02-07, 02:09 PM
Alright guys, I'm not running the retail version of Vista, but I've had this problem on both the RC1 and RC2 releases, and it's serious enough that I won't buy the full release if I'm probably going to have the same issue.

Here's the issue:

Any time I've been running the Vista partition for any amount of time, and go to reboot, the BIOS fails on the video card check, and the annoying built-in speaker says "system failed VGA test". Shutting the machine completely off, waiting for a couple minutes, then turning it back on makes for a normal boot into either XP or Vista. And I never get that after running in XP.

I've updated my motherboard to the latest BIOS, tried reseating the video card, updating drivers, etc. Nothing seemed to solve it.

My hardware profile is in my sig, if that helps. Anyone else experienced this problem before, or have any advice?