View Full Version : Any way to force enable the LCD "un-scaler"

02-02-07, 07:12 PM
I've never used it, but I understand that the nVidia drivers have an applet that will let you run at "real" resolutions below an LCD's native resolution without scaling - you just get a big border of unused pixels.

I understand this is only enabled when you're connected via DVI. (I've only ever used CRTS up til now)

Well here's the situation: I will shortly be getting a 1366x768 LCD HDTV that I intended to use as my PC monitor. It has a VGA input and, unlike some cheaper LCDs, it will accept various different resolutions all the way up to the full 1360x768@60Hz over the VGA port. Even so, I'm probably going to get a DVI-HDMI cable and hook it up that way.

Will the LCD "un-scaler" be enabled with a DVI-HDMI connection? I'm presuming no because I don't think TVs sends back DDC info (or however the drivers identify they're connected to an LCD) over HDMI. So is there a way to forcably enable that feature in the drivers?